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Pandemic Studios Brisbane building is being demolished

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Lol - that first picture... is now Studio Oz.. and I'm pretty sure it's not being demolished. ;)

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Lol - yeah that's exactly what the article says! (Read it again.)

Ex-Pandemic Studios Brisbane employees who have fond memories of their old work place may be disheartened to learn that their old studio is in the process of being demolished.

When Pandemic Studios Brisbane outgrew their building on Robertson Street in Fortitude Valley, QLD (which incidently currently houses THQ Studio Australia), they moved to a much larger complex at McLachlan Street. It was here where the local branch of Pandemic lived out its final days before publisher and owner, EA, pulled the plug nearly two years ago. The site has been left vacant for a while, but it looks like EA's long term lease on the location has finally ended.

Matt Ditton, ex-Pandemic developer and exceptionally awesome Freeplay / GCAP speaker and presenter, managed to capture the moment where a bulldozer was in the process of tearing apart his previous workspace. Coincidently, it started at the actual spot where he used to sit for work. From Matt's blog entry...

(Matt) I’ve watched that building stay vacant for the last two years. EA had a 5 year lease and they were happy to keep it empty.

So last Monday was a shock. Shawn, Kieran, Morgan and I just stood there. It was hard to put into words really. We’d all had good and bad times at that job. But the space is gone. There’s a lot of mixed feelings. But I thought the least I could do was post a few photos from the place.

For the pictures that Matt took of the bulldozing as well as some great photos of inside the studio before Pandemic vacated, head on over to his blog at