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Psylocke sketch

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Hi guys, thought I might post my stuff out there for developers to hopefully see :D.

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Submitted by davidcoen on Thu, 10/02/11 - 12:29 AM Permalink

That is incredible, awesome mix of technologies. surprised how well the face came out.
don't actually know what you could do to get the skin to look more like skin (faint specular colour map? something to bring back the subsurface scattering of fleash and to get away from raytraced blin plastic like surfaces on the computer) but you may be matching the colour pallete of the source material. Same with the hair, stylised or photorealistic, think you have the right level or style for the full piece.
great work, thanks for sharing

Submitted by souri on Thu, 10/02/11 - 3:52 PM Permalink

She certainly has comic-hero proportions :) Excellent work, you really accomplished bringing the comic style to 3D. Contrary to what many would like to think, the face is my favourite part. I find a nice stylised face much more pleasing to look at than most attempts at realism (no matter how far technically they push).