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Gore, did anyone try it?

I really liked gore test2, and cant wait for the full retail to come out, some of the bad comments about it in reviews were a little thoughtless, criticising the games sound and graphics, there was barely any mention of the game play and the tactics that can be used with the various weapons(although I'am just going from the test versions), also I found it annoying that it was constantly compared to quake, but thats just a personal gripe. what did you all think(going by what you've played)

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Submitted by MajorPain on Wed, 19/06/02 - 7:30 PM Permalink

Hey Fluffy

We have had some good and bad comments, I think it's alot to do with the FPS market.

Gore's strongest asset is it's online play, the single player side of the game is straight forward and fun but if you want to get the most out of this game play online, the netcode is great and I play all the time on usa servers (and win).

We are all looking forward to the Australian Release (hopefully mid july)

Gore Developer

Submitted by souri on Thu, 20/06/02 - 2:16 AM Permalink

"I think it's alot to do with the FPS market.".. Can you expand on this please? :)..

The FPS market must be pretty tough to break into.. It's pretty much over saturated (just like the MMORG definately will be (or already is)). And yeh, I think it's pretty unfair to compare Gore to Quake III and Unreal Tournament 2, I'm guessing Gore was made at a smaller scale and budget than those titles. There were some mention on the quality of the art that's in Gore. As soon as something doesn't match up to those titles, it's an easy target to cut down, and just as easy to glance over its other good qualities. I'm hoping the tools are good and the mod community does some cool stuff for Gore...

Submitted by Bunny on Thu, 20/06/02 - 4:24 AM Permalink

Pretty much my feelings also. From what I've seen it just doesn't stand out from the rather crowded market. You can't just jump on the bandwagon and expect to be successful, you at least need to work in some neat gimmick ala Max Payne.

That's certainly not to say they haven't made a good game. I first say Gore at the AGDC in '01 and it was far from impressive, sub-Q2 quality, but AFAIK they've improved it hugely and kudos to them for that. But it's still just another FPS, and a very generic one to boot. As always I'll reserve final judgement until I play of course... ;)

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Thu, 20/06/02 - 8:43 AM Permalink

I found the gameplay in gore just a bit more interesting than in other games, and yeah the multi play is probably whats best although I'm disapointed the final version doesnt have off-line botmatch, sure it has single player but in the end that wont cut it for me. To me bots should be incorperated into all multi-player games, just so the option is there, I mean you dont want to use them for online, but in the future there may be no servers for this game, people who want to keep playing it can't.

As with the market, I believe a lot of games sell on brand name alone,RTCW is a perfect example. I bought it without trying it and now I regret it. People will usually pass over the little guy to get to the big name as I fear may happen with Gore.

Majorpain, what are the tools like to use, is it easy to get models in-game

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Submitted by Bunny on Thu, 20/06/02 - 10:47 PM Permalink

Good point about brand names, Wolf single player bored the hell out of me and although the MP was very good it was also very derivative, essentially a stripped-down TF. id snubbed the original TF team for years but these days they're all but taking credit for the mod. They've been living off their reputation for years - if they were as good at making games as they were at making tech then Q3 would have been mindblowing. Hopefully Doom III will restore my faith in them...

Serious Sam and System Shock II are really the only shooters I've ever seen break the mold. The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series came close but didn't do anything really new or amazing.

Submitted by MajorPain on Fri, 21/06/02 - 2:26 AM Permalink

The tools are pretty good, we have a custom level editor which has a bit of a learning curve but once you have a foot hold you can create levels quite fast.

Custom models can be imported from Max, stuff like ammo boxes, flying choppers you name it, when created with the right stripping they can be a cheap way to add detail to levels.

I would say Joel will release the bipeds used on all the profiles so making player models will be heaps faster using stock bipeds and animations.

Making custom models is quite fun because we support armor, item tracking, custom weapons, custom gibs, effects and each profile has it's own setting like speed damage etc etc... and with a poly budget of about 3000 (including armor) you should be able to create some cool mods.

When I get some spare time I would like to create a custom warhammer 40,000 model with full exploding armor, I would track small flames to his jet pack and create some custom WH40,000 weapons.

In regards to the Game inself the demo is only a day or two away, so you can see it for youeself, the last two releases were network tech tests only.

We are also working on a free add on pack which will have single player co-op plus extra MP maps.

Try the demo, i'll post a link when it's released.

Gore Developer

Submitted by Bunny on Fri, 21/06/02 - 3:44 AM Permalink

The custom model stuff sounds good. Can we import our own bipeds? Or animations?

If you don't mind me asking, what was the original concept? What were you setting out to make?

Submitted by souri on Fri, 21/06/02 - 9:19 AM Permalink

I can kind of understand why Gore was made the way it is. I've read somewhere, and correct me if I'm wrong please, that the developement cycle for Gore was 2 years. Around at that time, Quake III Arena was released December-ish, 1999 and Unreal Tournament October-ish, 2000 (from my quick google search). That's what everyone wanted then. Fast multiplayer death match action. I remember Carmack saying something on the lines that most people don't finish the single player mode anyway so why bother. So, with all this in mind, it seemed reasonable to not develope any single player mode (which might have led to new ideas and concepts ala Max Payne) and concentrate on a fast engine suited for online death matching. In the middle of developement, the tide was turning and everyone wanted immersive story driven single player games again, so you then have the situation where in the end the single player mode added more like a bonus, since it wasn't in the original plan of the game.
Of course, that's all speculation, and it's very likely I'm completely wrong .

Submitted by MajorPain on Fri, 21/06/02 - 7:13 PM Permalink

Souri: Thats pretty close and the publisher wanted it. :-)

Most of the art-design and direction came from 4drulers, so most design issues and problems were based around that office, we created the tools with slam software and made sure the game ran as fast as possible.

re: animations/bipeds etc: you can use/create what ever you like.
If you want to make a 10 legged dog with four heads for deathmatch it can be done.
re: What were you setting out to make?: I kickass online fps.

Gore Developer

Submitted by souri on Sun, 23/06/02 - 12:11 AM Permalink

Just noticed that the Gore demo is available. I'm downloading it now and will do a little write up about it in a few days.. (101mbs and I'm only on dialup.. argh!)

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Sun, 23/06/02 - 12:56 AM Permalink

Yeah 101 meg is huge, looks like I'll have to get a download manager curse these 56k modems

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Submitted by Bunny on Tue, 25/06/02 - 12:06 AM Permalink

101? Gah... I'll wait for a magazine cover or retail. :p

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Tue, 25/06/02 - 7:46 AM Permalink

Well I got the demo, I enjoyed the single player part, I mean it was nothing special, just a blasting your way to the end like serious sam, but it was fun, I wouldnt mind trying my hand at making single player levels, its pretty good for a budget title, I'm going to get the full.

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Submitted by AsNagrim on Wed, 26/06/02 - 2:44 AM Permalink

I played the gore test (not sure which one) about a year ago.
I also downloaded the 101mb demo version a few days ago.
Personally, I dont think that Gore compares badly to q3a at all. I dont like the movement, but every games movement feels wrong after
So..My question is...When are the editing tools being released?
I want to make a Gore level.


Submitted by MajorPain on Wed, 26/06/02 - 9:59 PM Permalink

I don't have a release date yet but I know the tools are being refined for pulic release.

I'll post something as soon as I know a date.

Gore Developer

Submitted by souri on Fri, 28/06/02 - 12:52 PM Permalink

I've had a go at the demo version of Gore, and I've got to say the engine is definately fast! I've got a pretty slow machine (will upgrade soon), so I was quite surprised how fast it really was. The game was quite fun although pretty hard to get to the end (and I was on easy! ).. the art did the job. Sure, it wasn't Kenneth Scott/Paul Steed quality artwork/modelling, but it was sufficient.. same goes with the level design.. but hey, not every developement team has that kind of talent anyway .. I gotta say again though, the engine sure is fast. It would definately be pretty interesting to do some mapping on.. I did try playing it online, but left early before someone had the chance of saying 'I ownz j00, dialup boy' .. Looking forward to checking out the tools!