Is QUT's Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation any good?

Has anyone done this course? I think QUT looks pretty good and that they know what they're doing, but I'd like to know if they teach fundamentals like gesture drawing, principles of animation, staging, life drawing etc.

Has anyone done the course (or is currently doing it) and has some insider knowledge they could spare?

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I can't offer any specific advice on this course, but considering it seems no-one can, I'll offer you my assessment of QUT generally.

Their Creative Industries courses have some good qualities, but they have very little regard for their students. As with most institutions, their bottom-line is their top priority, and they have no interest in bettering student outcomes, updating courses or any of the "real world" content and outcomes they enjoy promoting. If you can find someone doing the course who says it's on-the-ball, then it will probably work out well. If it was out of date last year, it'll still be so this year, however.

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I'm currently studying this course, and I've found it to be great. It's compulsary to study units called 'Drawing for Design' and 'Drawing for Animation', both of these teach fundamental skills like the ones you've mentioned. Life drawing is also in Drawing for Design.
I've found the tutors to be very helpful, willing to go out of their way to offer assistance. I've found the facilities at QUT Kelvin Grove, where you'd be studying this course, to be well equipped with the programs/hardware you'll need to undertake the course.

:) That's my 2 cents, in any case.