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i would like to study Game development ,is there anyone knows about AcademiA? is it worth in it's fees ? how about the quality of their courses?

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"Game Development" is a very broad topic. What exactly do you want to do? Art, design, programming?

I can only speak from a programmer's point of view.

I honestly don't believe that there is any benefit whatsoever in doing a game-specific course. Do something more generally applicable, like Software Engineering or Computer Science.

The games industry is hard to break into. In Australia at the moment the supply of skilled game developers far exceeds the demand of the industry. Having a general degree will make it easy to get another job while you work on your game aspirations.

As for actually getting a game job, your portfolio will sell you much more than your degree. Invest the time and effort in building the requisite game skills in your own time. Make games the entire time you're studying. When you graduate you should hopefully have solid development skills from your studies and all the requisite game development skills from your personal work. You'll have a lot more opportunities available to you than if you go the game-only route.

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i meant programing field,but my question about Academia is still remained,though ur idea is different ."I honestly don't believe that there is any benefit whatsoever in doing a game-specific course"
thank u any way for ur helpful comments.

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My apologies. I didn't realise that there was actually a training institution called "Academia".

Still, my general opinion remains. The game programmers I've worked who have standard programming degrees often did a better job than those who had only done game courses.

Best of luck!

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Ok,thank u for ur useful advice.