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Games Lab Auckland (Company)

Posted by pritishd on Thu, 20/01/11 - 8:20 AM

H Everyone,

Those on the DLF mailing list may seen advertisement for various positions for a company called Games Lab. Although they have a Au domain name in the email, they are hiring for positions in the Auckland.

Anyone has info on these guys



Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 21/01/11 - 10:31 PM Permalink

Have you connected them to ask? Seems like you're in the best position to give us some info

Submitted by Doug - Employee (not verified) on Fri, 01/07/11 - 11:39 PM Permalink

Hi all

I work for Games Lab in Sydney.

We definitely do have an office just opened up in Auckland. Feel free to send in your CV portfolios.

I'm not sure what positions are available any more but they will definitely go over any CVs they have in the database when a position opens up.

Cheers guys and girls!

Submitted by Friend (not verified) on Wed, 06/07/11 - 5:22 AM Permalink

Don't know if this is the same place, but a friend of mine told me about a place called Dynamite games in Sydney, that actually make poker machine games, and they were trying to get into online social gaming by starting a company within the company. From the funny stories he told me, they didn't know what they were doing, and had some of the most bizzare behavious.
One such thing I do remember is he mentioned, they don't have a website.
Although I can't remember if they called themselves Gameslab.

Is that you Dynamite?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 06/07/11 - 10:36 PM Permalink

so.. what kinda bizarre are we talking about? like, everyone has to work on their heads or something? maybe hop on one foot while writing assembly code on a donkey?

In Sydney eh, surely can't be worse than working for Team Bondi...

Submitted by Games Lab Monkey (not verified) on Thu, 13/10/11 - 11:17 PM Permalink

Yeah we work on our heads and type with our feet :)

We do have some disgruntled X- Team Bondi staff who are very happy to be paid on time every time :)
We also have people from Animal Logic, Weta etc as well.

No Games Lab don't make slots although there is a sister company that does, we make casual and AA/AAA budget games for all platforms.

A small team with some frustratingly bizarre/ naive (Archaic) work practices but a happy place regardless :)

Submitted by souri on Fri, 14/10/11 - 1:24 AM Permalink

Ah, it looks like Games Lab finally launched their website a few days ago (Oct 11)! There's not much there, unfortunately. They do have a whole lot more info at another Games Lab related blog though at

Anyway, I've added Games Lab to our games developer list, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about them! They've released two mobile games so far which look very nicely done.