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Game Art and Design - Qantm vs AIE

Posted by Leuco on Fri, 01/02/13 - 11:50 PM

I want to do concept art for video games but I'd also like to have 3D modelling and animation under my belt. I haven't done 3D modelling before but I can see it as something I'd potentially like to do for a career.
I've looked around at universities and other places of study and I've narrowed down my choices to either Qantm or AIE.
I currently live in Perth so if I end up going with Qantm I'll stay here, however, if I decide to go to AIE I'd have to move states. I've been thinking Melbourne.

So my questions are:
Is AIE worth moving states for compared to Qantm?
What are they both like?
Which state's AIE is the best?

Submitted by anarcy on Mon, 04/02/13 - 6:59 PM Permalink

Aie Melbourne was amazing I moved from regional nsw to Melbourne and the teachers and staff are great the course itself is amazing and informative very hands on if you like that. I herd we had alot of quantum transfers but that's only what I herd