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Construct2 for games development

Posted by lukeo25 on Wed, 24/09/14 - 11:42 AM

Hi all,

I recently started building small games using construct2 and wondered if there were any other Australian / New Zealand games developers out there using it. I know its considered to be for the novice, but I love using it now as much as I loved Flash when it was popular.Has anyone built something substantial. I would love to see the results.


Submitted by souri on Wed, 24/09/14 - 5:47 PM Permalink

I posted your query on Twitter to see if I can get a feeler on how many local devs are using Construct 2 but I didn't receive a response. I've heard of Construct 2 but I don't think I've looked any further than its homepage, so I took a little bit of time to look into the process of making games with it via some youtube tutorials.

Place objects, drag behaviours on objects (from a big list of already made behaviours which you can adjust and fine-tune yourself), then create events and actions (for game logic and getting things to happen). Done. For anyone wanting to make 2D games without programming, it seems like a great avenue to get started. If you're a lone pixel artist (or 2D artist / illustrator) wanting to make a game on your own, I'd actually go this route than, say, Unity + Playmaker.

I haven't downloaded Construct 2 to try out stuff myself, but did you encounter any limitations or cons with it? (speed, memory footprint etc)

Submitted by lukeo25 on Thu, 25/09/14 - 9:51 AM Permalink

I have not found any real limitations other than the code it spits out is "human unreadable". Well not really it is just very time consuming if you were a developer looking to make a tweak here and there. It does come with a load of reskinable templates like flappy bird and angry bird style physics. Awesome if you just want to build a game in an afternoon.