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This is a sticky post that will link off to other important posts related to Unity in the forum.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 07/11/19 - 4:15 PM Permalink

Since Unity is the game engine I use, it'll be the one that I'll contribute to the most.


Hi all,

I recently started building small games using construct2 and wondered if there were any other Australian / New Zealand games developers out there using it. I know its considered to be for the novice, but I love using it now as much as I loved Flash when it was popular.Has anyone built something substantial. I would love to see the results.


Submitted by souri on Wed, 24/09/14 - 5:47 PM Permalink

I posted your query on Twitter to see if I can get a feeler on how many local devs are using Construct 2 but I didn't receive a response. I've heard of Construct 2 but I don't think I've looked any further than its homepage, so I took a little bit of time to look into the process of making games with it via some youtube tutorials.

Place objects, drag behaviours on objects (from a big list of already made behaviours which you can adjust and fine-tune yourself), then create events and actions (for game logic and getting things to happen). Done. For anyone wanting to make 2D games without programming, it seems like a great avenue to get started. If you're a lone pixel artist (or 2D artist / illustrator) wanting to make a game on your own, I'd actually go this route than, say, Unity + Playmaker.

I haven't downloaded Construct 2 to try out stuff myself, but did you encounter any limitations or cons with it? (speed, memory footprint etc)

Submitted by lukeo25 on Thu, 25/09/14 - 9:51 AM Permalink

I have not found any real limitations other than the code it spits out is "human unreadable". Well not really it is just very time consuming if you were a developer looking to make a tweak here and there. It does come with a load of reskinable templates like flappy bird and angry bird style physics. Awesome if you just want to build a game in an afternoon.


Hey guys,

I just wanna share this interesting news:

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I've just purchased a copy of Unity iOS which I got for a 20% discount by using the rebate code "UTPRO1011". Store price is $400(US), and I got it for $320(US) which is like $333(AU). I think the deal is initially for the pro license, but it seems you can use it with any license. This offer ends on October 6 so you'll have to get in quick.

The other great thing about this deal is that if and when I plan to upgrade to Unity Pro and / or iOS Pro in the future, I will get a deduction of the cost of Unity iOS $400(US) from those licenses, and not the $320(US) which I paid. Of course, you'd save a whole lot more by purchasing both Pro and iOS Pro instead, but it's a big chunk of cash to pony upfront ($3,000(US)).

Also, there's a special offer at the moment for Ürban PAD. Ürban PAD is a procedural city/town/building generation tool that's worth $700(US), but they're dropping it down to just $29. It exports models to all your favourite modelling tools, as well as Unity and UDK.

If they reach their target pre-order goal before the deadline (October 3) then they will process all the orders. If not, they'll refund your purchase. One of the developers posted about the deal at the Unity forums saying that it's looking likely to reach it, so if you're an indie developer and you're after a useful tool, $29 is certainly a nice price.

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