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career advice

Like the subject says i would like career advice as I am some who has no experience with in the gaming industry I would like to find advice on how to start I have so much love and passion I have been playing video games since I was a kid around 9 years old until this current date now i have many idea's to make my own games to but for now all i want to know is how can i start i am from Australia i live in the state of Queensland and I live in a small town called Bundaberg every day i have always had this on my mind I know there are some places where you can study which I know is a great way to get started but my only problem is they I learn is different I am not good with writing and studying by the book i know some importance in taking notes here and there which is not so bad but it's the that I can learn which I find the best way know how to learn is someone to take me teach me and show me how things really work because books and technology is always changing too and instead of that i would rather be better of watching how people do things and the copy and learn which may take some time but I find this way for me the best way to learn is there anybody that can help someone like me be able to start and work myself up from any kind of advice I am happy to take all so I can one day achieve my dreams of one day making my own games .

Submitted by souri on Mon, 23/01/17 - 2:04 PM Permalink

Hey there,
I'm not a game designer and I have no idea what the best way to pursue that avenue is, and in the case that no one else responds here, I highly recommend just reaching out and asking some of our industry's most well known and I'm sure very approachable game designers like:

Dan Graf :
Luke Muscat :

Get a twitter account and ask them

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You love games and you said it is your passion. If you know how to code then you have a good opportunity to get a career either to code for a computer game company or to become a teacher of coding. Else, you are still learning how to code, you can get a course at and get a coding package of your choice.