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Supanova and Krome.

Supanova and Krome.

I feel sorry for Krome. The reason? They got shafted in regards to location when it came time for them to do their thing at the convention. For those who could not go I will let you know there where two places where ?seminars? where held. One was a separate room on the second floor away from the noise of the con. The other was downstairs near the madman screen showing DBZ and kids playing DBZ CCGs. At the time of as Krome thing they where gathering the cosplayers for judgment (wanting, incase you where curious) So the volume was up and the acoustics where bad.

We where treated to the promo package for Ty 1. Then the advertisement that was shown on TV in the US, which is piss funny (any Krome guys know where you can download it?) then samples of pre pre pre release Ty 2. Looking fun and filled with high saturation Dinosaur goodness. ?The Fiend? (a friend sitting next to me) was delighted that the go-kart tracks had the traditional steel safety rails with reflectors that you find on all Australian roads. In a nut shell looking slick, and should be quite nice when its rolled out 18 months time. Some kids had some games and a few questions where raised as to the process of game creation.

Funny thing of note, the front row was almost all Krome employees :P.

In a nut shell, funky stuff let down by venue and lack of audience, but they took time out so thanks guys.



Submitted by spacecaptsteve on Sun, 14/09/03 - 6:53 AM Permalink

Yeah it was a shame about the location but it went pretty well considering. A bigger screena and a darker room wouldn't have hurt.

Good to see you there, I think you were actually surrounded by Kromans over where you were sitting, :-) It ended up being a fun outing for Kromans that went. So if there's one next year, we'll be there.