Evolution Games no more

I've been told that Evolution Games in Brisbane has closed its doors.. can anyone confirm that?

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Hey Souri,

Ya Know I have heard from several different sources now the exact same thing, However I think from everything i have heard that something big did go down. But wether evolution went or not is still unanswered.
I have a mate who has friends inside Evolution and he won't say. Though he did talk to them last night.
The impression I got was that a large percentage moved to THQ. Wether this is true or not is unknown.
Though dude trust nothing yet as the rumours seem to be rampant right now.... though the saying where there's smoke theres fire does come to mind...

The world Was enough yesterday!

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Vague enough for you :)

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I've got some confirmation from other sources as well that something is definately up, but I guess we should wait for a press release from Evolution Games when they're ready..
It would be shame though. They did a decent job of Rocket Power: Beach Bandits, and the concepts they had (Spotswood & Eric, Europa) looked very interesting..

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I got the chance to meet some of the dev team and they are a great bunch of guys, hope it all works out for the best for them.

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Its a shame they couldn't fund it to keep it going. A staff member from evolution gave Qantm a lecture about a month ago and he said they have 24 staff and they sold 300,000 copys of their last game.

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It must be difficult when your publisher is setting up a dev studio of its own next door so to speak...


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I've got confirmation that Evolution Games have indeed closed their doors..

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Very sad news, Evolution were a very good company with good product and great people.

As CEO Justin Green was an excellent spokesman for the industry, and was particularily good for Qld where most industry and gov't initiatives can be attributed to his handiwork in some way.

I understand that most of the staff have already found employment elsewhere.



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Originally posted by Poison_the_Well

Its a shame they couldn't fund it to keep it going. A staff member from evolution gave Qantm a lecture about a month ago and he said they have 24 staff and they sold 300,000 copys of their last game.

300,000 copies is a pretty respectable ammount.. I wonder what could have happened..

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Out of that 300,000 how much money do the devs get out of it? Seems to me like the publisher would hog all the profits

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Yes evolution has cease operations.

I was the Senior Character artist at evolutiongames.

Our investor decide to call it quits and the company became redundant.

Very sad indeed, I'm still trying to recover.

But life goes on...

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Yup, I can confirm.
I was Senior Character artist there as well.
As far as I know, only one guy there got a new job, the rest is still wanderring the streets.
How's it going my fellow senior friend?
What you've been up to?
I guess I'll see you tomorrow at the last supper, hey?


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I hear Justin's gone or going to Melbourne, what are the rest of you planning? Would be a pity for brisbane to lose some good talent because of this shitty news. I can't believe only one of you has found a job, what hope do us mere mortals have. [:(]
Anyway sorry to hear the bad news and good luck with everything hey.

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It will be a sad day for the QLD industry, as Justin was pretty much the ambassador for QLD Gamedev. I wonder who will step up to champion the cause in his place.



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That's just f@#$ed, but I guess it's something we all have to live with :/

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That's business, I guess the investor pulled out because of the uncertain economy.

Oh well. :~(

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Hope all the crew get back into the industry soon. The giggling sperm shall be missed. @;-)

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its a sorry state our games industry is in.
but have hope im sure a great change is coming our way.
r.i.p evolution games

nannoo nannoo

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It's on the front page of the site ( see also http://www.sumea.com.au/snews.asp?news=525 ), but it's worth noting that Tim Richards has a write up with links at www.gamesnews.com.au ..


Opinion: If the reports of Evolution Games closing its doors are true, then this is important news for the industry as it is very unexpected. Only two weeks ago the CEO Justin Green was in good form, commenting to GameNews.com.au editor Tim Richards that the studios most recent title, Rocket Power:Beach Bandits, published by THQ, continued to show very strong sales. If the move by THQ to Queensland has brought about a change in circumstances for Evolution Games, this needs to be explored by the industry. If the change has been negative, then questions must be raised as to how robust the Australian game development industry actually is in the face of overseas interests taking a broader foothold in the local industry, and what else must be done to prepare the Australian game industry for further international success? By Tim Richards [6 April 2003]

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bugger.. 1 less place to get a job at :|

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And an assload of competition [:D]


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Yeah, well let's hope another biz starts up - I'm willing to start up something with some of the Ex-Evolution employees!!

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Indeed it is an interesting state of the industry but such is the way of business.
It is indeed a heavy blow to Qld with the loss of Justin, however life goes on guys.
We can not complain about the industry up here we just had Creative assembly and Now THQ moving in to brisbane to set up development studios, well shock horror one down two up, i think we call this growth.
Dont take my synasism the wrong way I respect Justin and Evolution, Shawn and the other guys there, they did a bang up job I am looking forward to hearing all their success stories in the weeks to come when they all get relocated into different positions at other development studios.

My best wishs go out to all of you until that time.

I see you schwartz is as big as mine.

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Its really good to hear some of the guys from evolution have scored gigs already, it would be terrible to be in their position but I understand the feelings strik3r and reznor have also. Its hard enough getting in when we aren't competing with experienced people, perseverence and good luck guys.

Actually come to think of it, the jobs they should get wouldn't be junior roles anyway I expect so we aren't really competing lol.

Good luck again guys.