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Hi Guys

I am looking for a course in animation that is in the style of Anime or similar in Australia, although I live in Victoria I might be able to travel or work by correspondence. If I do a course in this type of Animation, such as Inu Yasha, Zoids, Angelic Layer, Neon Genisis, Maze and so on. Is there a likely hood of getting a job very low? Even if I have to work in Asia? Although I don?t speak any other language other than English will this be a problem?

[8D]Thanks very much for anyone who will reply to me.
Regards Gareth.

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I dunno about any courses specifically for anime style drawing. There are probably courses around that focus on cartoons in would need to develop the anime style yourself.
I would suggest if you want to get a job drawing anime, you should probably learn japanese and be very very good.
Also, afaik most drawing work for anime is pure sweatshop work. It may take a long long time before you get to do anything glamorous like story/character design etc.
...but what would i know :)
CYer, Blitz

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learn japanese, (or korean) most animation houses (traditional) will pay you in rice to work there if you dispay ablity....

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Thanks Guys for your reply, I think i would have to learn the language and then what chance do i have[^] It would be a nice job though, although it probably would be hard, stressful work, long hours.

Thanks for your replies anyway.[8D]
do you know how to put the pic next to your name??
seeya lata.
seems like alot of u are from up Brisbane, im from East Vic lol big climat difference.

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Being Bi-lingual would be a distinct advantage. People who speak both an Asian language and English are highly sought after.

My advice is get a sound education in art in traditional media followed by an animation specific course and then develop the anime style from there. Simply drawing manga won't always cut it and you limit yourself as a potential employee.

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Thanks mate for your help.
good sound advice from all.[:)]

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Guys! i really need your help! i'm from Brisbane and i'm only good at drawing anime and i really want to get a job with drawing it, but there aren't many courses in australia, any advice?


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Hey Tahliabowden. I know it's probably your dream to only work in one distinct style of cartooning, (anime), but you will find over the course of a career you will most likely need, (and eventually want), to be able to branch out into other styles of illustration as well. Obviously anime is very appealing to young artists as it is quite an easy style to mimic, but having a thorough and well rounded drawing ability will enable you to not only diversify if needed but also to develop a slightly original take on an anime style of your own. There are great tafe courses in Brisbane that focus on animation in general, but often have a large proportion of anime fans as students. There is also the College of Art at South Bank for more advanced character animation training.

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anime sucks. Deal with it.

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I love drawing. but anime is my favourite style. i find it'd be better for you to branch out, im still in school so im working on stylesnow. the more knowledge u gain the more u will have a better chance. does anyone know whatjobs i can use my drawing skills??

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everything is better as anime, thats what i think. When I see cartoons that arent anime, I'm like what the hell is this stuff?