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Sumea's Recommended AGDC 2003 sessions!

Posted by souri on Tue, 04/11/03 - 1:04 AM

[url=""]The AGDC is on in about 3 weeks[/url]!! This is a list of Sumea Schedule Recommendations, and so are worth pushing each other over to get in to [;)]. This list is geared towards artists, btw! If someone wants to post a programmer schedule, go nuts!

The Artists Schedule!

Friday 21 November 2003

[B]1100 hours[/B] Art and Development Dave Campbell & David King, Discreet Session Chair: Paul Steed, Microsoft - Xbox Evolve to the next Level*
[I]Paul Steed is the man![/I]

[B]1300 hours[/B] General Design Steve Fawkner, Infinite Interactive 20 Things I have Learned in 20 Years of Creating Games

Saturday 22 November 2003

[B]1030 hours[/B] Art and Development* Paul Steed, Microsoft - Xbox Building a Digital Goddess*
[I]It's Paul Steed again![/I]

[B]1135 hours[/B] Education Facilitator: Ross Symons (Bullant Studios) Panelists: Chen-Po Sun (University of Melbourne), Matthew Riggall (University of Melbourne), Adam Matera (Qantm) & Cheryl Kiraly (Academy of Interactive Entertainment)
[I]You have to visit this one! This was organised by Jacana, and has some Sumean regulars onboard![/I]

[B]1135 hours[/B] Art and Development* Aladar Apponyi (Micro Fort�) & Jason Morris (Micro Fort�) 3D Trickery - from Polygon to Texture *

[B]1335 hours[/B] Art and Development* Mike Hollands, Act 3 Animation The Future of Game Cinematics. Pre-Rendered Versus In-Game.*

[B]1440 hours[/B] Art and Development* Mark Terrano, Microsoft - Xbox Lessons from Life: Designing More Immersive Games*

[B]1730 hours[/B] PlayStation 2 Cocktail Party

Sunday 23 November 2003

[B]1030 hours[/B] Art and Development* John Sheils, Sidhe Interactive Cheap Tricks and Graphics Hacks to Improve Productivity*

[B]1135 hours[/B] Keynote Laura Fryer - Director Xbox Advanced Technology Group, Microsoft - Xbox Nowhere But Up: Life and the Future of Videogames

[B]1235 hours[/B] Award Presentation - Australian Game Developer (AGD) Awards Ceremony

Submitted by JonathanKerr on Tue, 04/11/03 - 1:38 AM Permalink

You know, someone does a '10/20 things I learned about game design' every year and every year it's just about got the same material. Although, I did always enjoy Mark Morrison's talks -- he's a good speaker and keeps his audiences attention.

Submitted by smeg on Tue, 04/11/03 - 7:51 AM Permalink

quote:Building a Digital Goddess*

*snort* Thats the only thing Paul Steed ever does...

Submitted by Malus on Tue, 04/11/03 - 8:52 PM Permalink

Steed has a lot to answer for, damn big breasted women with chunky boots!! argh!! The industry is now flooded with them.

Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 05/11/03 - 12:29 AM Permalink

Ahh well, I hope to catch him sometime so he can sign my friends book...

Submitted by JonathanKerr on Fri, 14/11/03 - 1:07 AM Permalink

What's gonna happen with Seamus Blackley's KEYNOTE speech now?

From Gamasutra:

quote:November 12, 2003

Xbox Creator?s Company Disbanded
Capital Entertainment Group, the production company established by Xbox founders Seamus Blackley and Kevin Bachus, along with Eugene Mauro and J. Mark Hood, has disbanded.

Intended to act as a middleman between publishers and developers, the company closed its doors after failing to raise enough money to keep operations running.

Keeping the Dream Alive? Not so sure about that.