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Tito, Jaruu Tenk, and Halloween Spirit Board

Posted by souri on Wed, 06/11/02 - 6:08 AM

Just posting my thoughts on some games that are available for download recently.

I've always been curious to what Dimsdale and Kreozot were doing with their Tito, the bouncing Alien title, so I was eager to have a look at the demo. The one playable level was very well designed, and whilst the gameplay is very simple, it's still quite fun to play. It's not going to break new grounds in any area, but it definately has a certain charm to it. I can imagine my nieces and nephews absolutely loving this game, so I can see it doing well for the 6 - 12yr old market.. and hey, it's fun for us older kids as well.

Also on the main news page, John Passfield made available two games on his website - Chronicles of Jaruu Tenk, and Halloween Spirit Board, both were made with art from Steve Stamatiadis.

Jaruu Tenk was influenced by Little Computer People on the Commodore 64 - it was a unique title where you had a view of your computer person perform daily tasks in his house.. he'd go watch tv, play piano, eat dinner, answer phones etc.. you were sorta like Big Brother. You could interact with him in certain ways such as writing him a letter. Anyway, Jaruu Tenk follows on that kind of idea. Jaruu is one of the characters you can focus on while he does his daily activities around his island. Some really fast and smooth 3d can be expected (this title was done in '99), and the camera angles were very cool. I really dig the music too [:)].. The 3d characters were very low polygon'd, but were created and animated very nicely by Steve. There are a few things you can do while Jaruu is doing his stuff, like water plants. I'm still trying to figure out some more things to do though. Definately worth checking out - I have it set as my screensaver. [:)]

Halloween Spirit Board is a program where you can type in questions, and the ouiji board will spell out answers for you. Something to freak out your younger sisters and brothers since it's Halloween and all [:)]

Jaruu, and Halloween Spirt Board can be downloaded at John Passfield's website at .. Tito, the Bouncing Alien demo can be downloaded here at

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All sounds good [:)], but i bet [8D] you could have put more [:p] smileys in your post [:D] then you actually managed to[xx(]. But don't worry [;)], i'm sure most people have fallen [|)] after the first line of this post [:0]

100% chance of PAIN, in the GLAVEN

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And I bet if a lot of people abuse the smiley system, I'll just disable it. [:)]