The biggest studio in Melbourne is?

I got a query via email on this. I know it used to be Atari Melbourne House, but they have shrunk a lot over the years.

So which studio is the largest in Melbourne now, and roughly how many employees do they have? (I'm guessing Blue Tongue or IR Gurus, but I'd like a more decisive answer before I pass along the info)

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I know we're likely not the largest, but we have almost 50 people here at Torus Games and we're growing larger (steadily, but surely).

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I'm an IR Gurus guy and we're getting bigger everyday...I used to know everyone but it's starting to get out of hand! :-)

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You got some rough numbers to throw at me? Last of what I heard, Blue Tongue were around 60-70 people, but I'm guessing IR Gurus (which is Thatgame as well) along with the recent planned hirings should be over that number?

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Somewhere around 75 and growing daily...

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Currently IR is around 75, but I hear another 12 are joining soon..