After an unequalled 20 years of game making, independent developer Strategic Studies Group is to split into two companies.

SSG will remain in Sydney, with foundation members Ian Trout, Roger Keating and Gregor Whiley concentrating on producing the historical strategy games that SSG was originally famous for. The next release from SSG will be Korsun Pocket, an accurate and highly exciting simulation of a desperate battle on the Russian Front in the winter of 1944.

The new company is Infinite Interactive, headed by Steve Fawkner, and centered in Melbourne. As well as Steve Fawkner, creator and designer of the Warlords series, Infinite Interactive comprises almost the entire team that created the critically acclaimed Warlords Battlecry II. SSG will hand over the development of Warlords IV to Infinite Interactive. Warlords IV will be Infinite Interactive's first release and will be published by Ubi Soft.

The split, which is due solely to the difficult conditions facing independent software developers, is entirely amicable. Both entities will work closely together, and every effort will be made to ensure the continuation of the Warlords series beyond Warlords IV and Warlords Battlecry II.

More details about Infinite Interactive, SSG and their respective projects can be found on their websites: