Loss of a great person

Not sure many here have heard but Adam Lancman, President of the GDAA and head of Atari Melborune, passed away sometime on Saturday night.

He was a very wonderful person and I am sure that the loss of him will be felt throughout the industry for years to come.

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A great contributor to the Australian Games Industry. I remember he had lots of time for me when I picked his brains at AGDC 2002. Generous, considering that often some of the industry guys didn't have lots of time for the students or those looking for work so that's my main memory of him.

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It's definately a huge loss when someone with 23 years of industry experience is gone. Whoever takes his place at the GDAA has some rather big shoes to fill.

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Wow that comes as a shock. I had the pleasure of interviewing him for a project at uni last year and I was surprised how open and down-to-earth he was.

I was even more surprised at his willingness to give up time for some uni student between flights to and from Europe!

But just talking to him though showed me how much passion he had for the industry here and his strong belief on its growth.

Thanks to him, I'm sure the industry will continue to do so.

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Whoa... shock indeed. We've lost a great man who I'm sure we'll never forget.

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Is ther any official place where we can place condolences or some such things?

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I've made a small effort to find the messages left for Adam at The Age newspaper and other websites and post them in the Sumea news item so that they can be stored for prosterity. Since no one has come forward with any info on an official place to place condolences, I guess a good place is to write [url="http://www.sumea.com.au/snews.asp?news=1369&related=GDAA"]a comment in that news item[/url] on Sumea.