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Australian & NZ Game Devs! Register on Sumea!

Posted by souri on Thu, 08/07/04 - 2:55 PM

I was browsing through the developer section on the site and had a look at [url=""]Spectrum Wired[/url]'s profile.
Now, I'm usually the only one who adds game info, game dates, and uploads the pictures, so I had a "what the?" moment when I didn't recognise the pictures and games in their list. I quickly realised that devs can do this themselves if they register - and this example by Spectrum Wired shows that it's working GREAT!!

Now, with the amount of developers listed, plus being only one guy, I can only do so much to keep the games list and info on Sumea up to date - it would be *great* if someone from each dev company were to apply for a developer account and update the info themselves! [url=""]You can apply here[/url]! You can also update your developer profile on Sumea, and post jobs and news too, so it's definately useful.