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HARVIE KRUMPET is on in a couple of minutes

Posted by souri on Tue, 09/03/04 - 7:49 AM

SBS... now! [:)]

Submitted by Kane on Tue, 09/03/04 - 8:28 AM Permalink

i missed the first couple of minutes, but man that is heaps funny!

Submitted by inglis on Tue, 09/03/04 - 9:23 AM Permalink

"harvie got struck by lightning" ...haha

that was a good watch.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Tue, 09/03/04 - 10:33 AM Permalink

watched it all, loved it, the facial expressions and bizzare story line were fantastic.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 10/03/04 - 4:12 AM Permalink

I thought it was great. Great story telling, and very amusing [:)] Did anyone catch the creator on Enough Rope with Andrew Denton on the same night? It was mentioned that a days worth of work resulted in 3 seconds of animation, I think...

Submitted by MoonUnit on Wed, 10/03/04 - 5:20 AM Permalink

yeah one of my faveourite movie is the nightmare before christmas which is a stop motion flick. Ive got the DVD with the making of and they gave a similar number

Submitted by bullet21 on Wed, 10/03/04 - 6:42 AM Permalink

I remember nightmare b4 christmas, it was a bout a skeleton who looked like the guy of medievel, the PS game wasn't it.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Wed, 10/03/04 - 7:32 AM Permalink

dont know about the likeness to whoever you mentioned but the main character was a skeleton yes.

man that image of harveys mum with her hands waving about abover her head while making those gibberish noises just cracks me up every time i bring it into mind :P

Submitted by Brain on Thu, 11/03/04 - 10:47 PM Permalink

Yee, that was awesome! Caught it after life drawing, and am rather considering picking up the DVD. Just a class bit of story it be.