My computer is dead


GAH! My computer is dead.. (just my luck since E3 is coming and more [url=""]Half Life 2[/url] stuff is getting shown) hopefully my HD's are ok, but I'm without a computer for a while, so things will be slow around here in the meantime.. The good news is that I'm getting a 1.8ghz machine soon (once my friend buys all the components, and puts it together for me). So until I get that, there won't be any news (unless those with news access post something), or any new members added.. I'll get the next modeller challenge started when I get the new machine too.
BTW, my dead machine was a 300mhz celeron which I used to do all my photoshopping, modelling, web developing etc, so it was about time I upgraded anyway. [;)]

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Ouch, hope your HDs are ok.
Best of luck with the new comp.


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I had two HD's in there. One was for applications, and the other was for all my work. Fortunately, the latter survived, so I'm relieved. My new machine is a 2ghz Athlon with 512mb of ram, btw. [:)].. I also got a Geforce 4 MX, which I know isn't very good, but I was on a strict budget.. overall, it's a huge step from my celeron 300a, Geforce 2 MX.. [;)].. I seem to make quite big leaps in computer hardware since I don't really upgrade often... C64 -> Amiga 500 (then Amiga 1200) -> PC celeron 300 mhz -> PC Athlon 2ghz.

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Yeah, my current COmputer is a P4 2.4, 512MB Ram with a Radeon 9100, which is a huge step up from my Celeron 433 256MB Ram, Voodoo 3 2000...

But yeah, I expect that the machine I have now should last me longer than my Celery did.