Comments Function on Sumea Votes, Mem Pics, News..


I've just put up the functionality for visitors to [url=""]comment on the voting topics on Sumea[/url].. if you ever had anything to say in one of the topics, you can do it now. [:)]

Anyway, I can re-use the asp code, and with some adjustments, we can have comments for uploaded pictures too..

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Ok, that was easy. [:)] You can post comments for any of the gallery pics that Sumea members have uploaded now!

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You can also comment on Sumea news entries as well now!

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Ok, this probably isn't very interesting to anybody, but I kinda got tired of having to go in and removing duplicate posts from people making comments and clicking refresh right after. It took a bit of wrangling and changing how a lot of other things work but that problem is now no more. Also when people write profanity and swear words, they get to re-edit it rather than lose their messages like before (heh). Anyway, the comments asp scipting is shocking (there's so much going on) and I never want to touch it ever again.

I'm looking forward to adding/changing something in another 2 months and shouting out "what.. the.. freakn hell?!" at the comments asp.

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Ah souri, you say you're not a coder but you have the soul and the hard-bitten potty-mouth of a true maintenance coder :)

Good fix BTW - thanks for the hard work.

edit: typo

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I'm probably the last person on Earth you'd wanna even remotely call a coder. [:D]

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quote:Originally posted by Souri

I'm probably the last person on Earth you'd wanna even remotely call a coder. [:D]

Nope. Your code mostly works [:)] (even on weird browsers). Puts you out in front imho [:)]