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Tribes: Vengeance beta feedback

Posted by souri on Thu, 09/09/04 - 2:27 AM

Has anyone tried the Tribes: Vengeance beta yet? What did you think of it?

I haven't been sent my serial number via email yet [:(]

Submitted by Zaph on Thu, 09/09/04 - 2:48 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Souri
Has anyone tried the Tribes: Vengeance beta yet? What did you think of it?

I haven't been sent my serial number via email yet [:(]

I played it on and off over the weekend, and apart from a few annoying beta-specific things (that I ranted on in my blog) it looks like it's going to be a winner.
Not that I can actually shoot anyone of course :-)
and nobody online seems to be doing much teamwork at this time (just a steady stream of dots flying back and forth to the flags)

Once the teamwork/defence/repair stuff starts getting better understood there will be some great fun to be had.


Submitted by souri on Fri, 10/09/04 - 8:55 AM Permalink

That's the problem with games over large areas.. you just end up fighting dots.

Still haven't received my serial key :(.. Will be giving it another try shortly.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 12/09/04 - 2:28 AM Permalink

Finally got my serial key, and had a quick go last night... I'll admit first off that I hadn't look into how to play Tribes at all, so I was very clueless on what to do (although the capture the flag cave map seemed pretty straight forward). I agree with you totally on the changing the name problem, Zaph. It took me ages to find out how to change my name. However, when I join a new game, it's not using it [?]

The water effects are nice, and the game models are very nice too (got a great retro feel to them). The vehicle I jumped into didn't handle as well as I'm used to though - it seems to turn sharp at the slightest nudge and have a mind of it's own sometimes? The other small gripe I had was the menus are a bit unresponsive. There's a noticable pause going into the menu from the game or even selecting other areas of the menu.

I'm finding it hard to hit anyone being such a newbie, but everyone's been saying how much they're enjoying the game, so I'll be trying to do SOME reading into how to exactly play the game [:D]

Submitted by LostSanitY on Thu, 21/10/04 - 5:41 AM Permalink

beta was fun for the little i got to play
the learning curve for tribes is huge souri, dont get discouraged tho, the possabilities are almost endless once youve gotten over the initial pains

Submitted by palantir on Sun, 24/10/04 - 4:54 PM Permalink

I haven?t played Vengeance yet (still waiting for my hardware upgrade [:(]), but I was a huge fan of the originals, and I?d love to know what the actions like in Vengeance. For me the action was the best thing about Tribes (as opposed to the tactics or any other aspect). The aerial combat rocks. It?s a difficult thing to learn, but once you?ve mastered the jetpack and the skiing technique, the game offers a unique action experience like no other. I?m looking forward to playing Vengeance and finding out how close the aerial combat matches the original games.

So has anyone extensively played Vengeance yet? How close is the game play to the original games? And how well does Tribes translate into a single player game?