System Shock 3

Tribes: Vengeance is done, and things are already stirring up on what the next project at Irrational Games is..

Everyone's been asking for it, and there have been tonnes of rumours that it's getting started on over the years, but could [url=""] System Shock 3[/url] finally be in the dev. bag now? [;)]

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I hope so, I've played System Shock2 to death

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Bioshock. Could this be System Shock 3?

This lets you know whats going on.

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The "spiritual successor" to System Shock 2.. probably because of the headaches of getting the System Shock license ?

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I read this a few days back. However, i did notice this little bit in the article [:p]: "BioShock is not a sequel to any of the System Shock games, nor does it have any official relation to those games."

It will be kind of similiar but wont have much (if not any) relation to the System Shock story. But i am sure we can expect more zombies and what not.

Just to make it loud and clear, this is NOT System Shock 3, but a similiar sort of gameplay genre, roleplaying first person action [:p].

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A little bit of DNS searching and voila!

registered: 08-OCT-2004 (Registered and hosted by 1&1 Internet)
registrant-firstname: Bill
registrant-lastname: Koch
registrant-street1: 850 Driftwood AVE
registrant-pcode: 47203
registrant-state: IN
registrant-city: Columbus
registrant-ccode: US
registrant-phone: +1.8123783768

Its the first time has been registered as a domain. Yet BioShock has been in development for around three years, wouldnt Irrational have registered it a long time ago as a security reason [:p]. I think it might be a fake website. Anyway, if you can prove me wrong that Bill Koch works at Irrational, please do! [:p]