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Anyone with details on these developers?

Posted by souri on Thu, 11/12/03 - 2:19 PM

If anyone has any details on these developers (if they're still around anymore or not), let me know! Some of these developers haven't updated their website in years, or the site is offline..

[url=""]Tasman Studios[/url] (NSW) - they haven't really updated their site in nearly two years (apart from the copyright notice) [:)]

[url=""]Bungarra[/url] (WA) - No updates in a year. Last I heard, the game they were working on the PS2 was cancelled.

[url=""]Two Headed Software[/url] (TAS) - no website updates since I've added them to the database ages ago.

[url=""]Dead Puppy[/url] (QLD) - website's been offline for a while now..

[url=""]Lucid Design Software[/url] (VIC) - "coming soon" website for a long time now..

[url=""]C4[/url] (VIC) - Probably don't belong as such in the Games Developer database, but in the Developer Services list..

Submitted by Blitz on Thu, 11/12/03 - 8:34 PM Permalink

I was speaking to one of the guys who ran Lucid back in the middle of the year, and he seemed surprised the it was still listed on sumea. I got the impression that it wasn't exactly a happening thing anymore.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by shiva on Thu, 11/12/03 - 9:18 PM Permalink

dead puppy is still around
/me pokes reznor and lavamonkey

Submitted by rezn0r on Fri, 12/12/03 - 1:29 AM Permalink

Dead Puppy is still rolling.

We'vre had terrible luck with multiple webhosts either going out of business and taking our money, or ignoring us and our money altogether.

The focus atm are the games rather than the website. It should be online soon.