Need student volunteers for IGDC panel!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're a student or ex-student for the AIE, Quantm, or any other Institution offering as game related course, then I need you! A panel discussion has been set aside for Freeplay: Nextwave Independant Game Developers Conference where hopefully we'll get some healthy discussion on current courses, what needs to be improved, what's lacking, did you get a job etc.... Give me a hands up in this thread!

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well id be glad to have my rant and rave about Qantm, ill put my hand up for sure but im not quite sure what you need of me souri [;)], is it going to be a questionaire or somethnig like that , or do we just post our experiences to this thread ?

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I'd be interested to talk about stuff at AIE :)

*edit* Thought I would add that I am a current student. Second year programmer in the game dev stream.

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Hazard, it's for the Independant Game Developers Conference that's happening in May at Melbourne this year. You'll have to come along and join a panel for discussion if you're interested!

Great stuff, Jacana [:)]. I will let the organisers know! Anyone else interested?

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damn - cant make it [:(] wish i could tho..........