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Can someone check a few things for me

Posted by souri on Fri, 14/04/06 - 9:38 PM

There are some problems I want others to check out and let me know of. It shouldn't take a second.

On the [url=""]main page[/url], do the sponsors logos appear in the news items in Internet Explorer? It shows up in Firefox and Opera, and the html/css code is exactly the same in the news pages, and IE shows the logos properly there, but not on the main page? [?]

Can you pick up the rss feed for comments in news stories on Sumea? e.g [url=""]does this read in properly[/url] your RSS feed reader?

Submitted by Makk on Fri, 14/04/06 - 9:52 PM Permalink

Logos dont appear on mine. Just says "done, but with errors on page" donw the bottom left.
And that link you posted just sends me to that news article but the page is just full of a HEAP of text.

Submitted by irous on Fri, 14/04/06 - 10:11 PM Permalink

Yeh, you're supposed to read it in your rss feed reader.