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Digital By Design seminar

Posted by Brain on Sun, 15/06/03 - 12:44 AM

Just thought I'd post a main message for bradb's inquiry. Who's going along to it? Myself and my programmer buddy are heading along, so it'd be good to meet up with fellow Brisbanite Sumeans. @:-)

Submitted by rezn0r on Sun, 15/06/03 - 1:21 AM Permalink

Yes indeed. See our south park profiles so you can recognize us. [:D]


Submitted by souri on Sun, 15/06/03 - 2:10 AM Permalink

Just in case people want to know more about the Digital By Design seminar!

Digital By Design in association with Scholastic New Media, Discreet, nVIDIA and HP present David Austin from Atari, Maryland USA.

David will give us a behind the scenes look at the Atari pipeline and an insight in to the development and art of Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes for XBOX.

3 Cities
Brisbane - Monday 16th June - 6pm
Sydney - Wednesday 18th June - 6pm
Melbourne - Friday 20th June - 3pm

Submitted by bradb on Sun, 15/06/03 - 3:07 AM Permalink

Yep I will be there (Brisbane) to have a listen and see whats going down.

Submitted by Echo on Sun, 15/06/03 - 6:06 AM Permalink

I'll be there provided my email wasn't sent too late (just did it now).

If it was too late, I shall forge a clever disguise by using rezn0r's face from his south park picture! Muhahahaha! No-one will ever know! I just need to find some girls to complete the charade.


Submitted by redwyre on Sun, 15/06/03 - 7:31 AM Permalink

I'll be there, looks like it's going to be a cool evening

Submitted by Major Clod on Sun, 15/06/03 - 10:39 AM Permalink

I might be there... I've signed up but I have a fairly large uni exam at 8:30am on tuesday.... So i guess it all depends on how confident I feel about it on monday afternoon.

Submitted by Malus on Mon, 16/06/03 - 11:03 AM Permalink

Got to work. [:(]

Submitted by souri on Mon, 16/06/03 - 7:46 PM Permalink

Let us know how this went, and post anything you found interesting!

Submitted by Ionized on Tue, 17/06/03 - 12:14 AM Permalink

I'll be going along to the Sydney one. Apparently it's being held in a pub, so I can't really loose.

Submitted by Brain on Wed, 18/06/03 - 12:57 AM Permalink

Mmm, t'was a goodly night. Those considering going to the Sydney or Melbourne ones, definitely do it. Essentially it's a big advert night, but it's worth it nevertheless. I've been a long time 3DSMAX 3.1 user for a long time, only touching gMAX recently, so seeing features of 5.1 totally blew me away.

Beer o'clock gave way to meeting some interesting people. Unfortunately didn't get to talk to Dave Austin, but met up with a few mates and ex-lecturers which was great. Only met redwyre from the Sumeans (I know where you live sucka! @;-) so something more solid than South Park personas will be needed for future meets. *laughs* Can write up a full review of the night if anyone wishes so.

Submitted by bradb on Wed, 18/06/03 - 4:12 AM Permalink

I couldnt get there - had a disaster at work at 4:30 (not caused by me but i had to fix it of course) so i didnt leave till 6PM and couldnt be bothered walking from CBD to Fort Val

Submitted by redwyre on Wed, 18/06/03 - 4:34 AM Permalink

Yeah, turns out Brain lives up around the corner from me :)

Alot of it was boring to me, but some of the features of 3DSMax5 are amazing, one thing that really impressed me was the ease at which the guy lit a scene with radiosity ligting, and it looked so good.

Also, Dave Austin showed us some of the characters from the game, and then showed us the game on XBox, which looks really impressive and fun to play (I want it now!).

But as Brain has said, it was basically just a big advert.

Submitted by Pantmonger on Wed, 18/06/03 - 5:12 AM Permalink

It was good, the Beer and food were good also.
If you are already good(ish) with Max then you will find little gems in the demos, for me it was baking verts when skinning using envelopes,I didn't know it could do that.

The D+D game was suprisingly low poly (434 vert average) the FMV intro was not real good, looked like they where trying to do a 'Blizzard' job but failed. The game load times where shocking and they said it was alpha it wasn't that ready yet. But nice to see some of the real work pipelines that people went through.

Well worth going and if you have the cash and want to buy a pro copy of Max, they will give you a free P4 2.4G workstation, which is kind of cool.