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Edge Of Twilight Game Art

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 15/08/07 - 8:51 AM

Edge Of Twilight Game Art

Right now theres a folder sitting on my desk with hundereds of concepts from this game, i'l get some of the other people in the art team to show some work too, but for now I can only show a little bit.

These are all done in Photoshop cs. These are all from about 6 months ago,


Submitted by souri on Wed, 15/08/07 - 9:20 AM Permalink

I've been following all your postings on Sumea since you first began, as I'm sure everyone here has, and yeh, this stuff is easily your best yet (that we've seen)! Some great looking imagery you got here. Perspective could be a bit tighter in some spots, but overall, love it!

Submitted by davidcoen on Fri, 17/08/07 - 9:54 AM Permalink

that would be quite cool if the ingame visual style matched this, textured bloom and simplified shading models on detailed meshes, i guess there is no reason why pixel shades couldn't do a unsharpen or pallet reduce pass..

some very nice spaces and good use of light (perhaps with so few posts i'm having difficulty seeing the development of a materials 'language'/ architectureal form...)

Submitted by robomaniac on Sat, 18/08/07 - 10:57 PM Permalink

fantastic art i see here... more, please upload more here

Submitted by davidcoen on Wed, 22/08/07 - 6:22 PM Permalink

wow, if that is what your imagination can come up with, i would hate to see your nightmares.

impressive how a little form/ texture and lighting can create such an overall sence of presense (a realistic mummyfied alien)

looks great