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AGDC 2004 Sumea Meetup

Posted by redwyre on Fri, 15/10/04 - 5:11 AM

So who's going? I guess there will be a sumean meetup like last time?

Submitted by Jacana on Fri, 15/10/04 - 5:50 AM Permalink

I am going :) And for sure a meetup will be organised again.

I'll make sure to bring more of my scary friends from AIE, too ;)

Submitted by Zaph on Fri, 15/10/04 - 7:16 AM Permalink

I'll be there, hope to catch up with some Sumeans again!

Submitted by Daemin on Fri, 15/10/04 - 11:15 PM Permalink

I should be there, depends if I can get in as a student or not...

Submitted by Shplorb on Sat, 16/10/04 - 12:04 AM Permalink

Me too! I'll be there and drunk off my arse.

Submitted by James A Burke on Sat, 16/10/04 - 3:05 AM Permalink

I'll proberly be there, 90% sure anyway ;) (Lucky I'm a student ;))

Submitted by Blitz on Sat, 16/10/04 - 3:23 AM Permalink

I'll be there as long as we can get enough of a discount to make it cheaper than going to the GDC in the US :P Although there (at this point) seem to be far fewer events/talks that interest me this year compared to last.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by MoonUnit on Sat, 16/10/04 - 4:27 AM Permalink

should be there (yeah like 90% sure) and would love to have a meetup
Jac, no doubt your reffering to the bunch who you pulled down to the IGDC, who all signed up on the boards afterwards then got bored with posting in a week :P

Submitted by Rahnem on Mon, 18/10/04 - 6:07 PM Permalink

I would, but I'm in Canada. [V]

Submitted by Kuldaen on Mon, 18/10/04 - 9:11 PM Permalink

Maybe someone can organise a Sumean badge insert which you can print out with your Sumea Name and insert it into the ADGC passholder.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 18/10/04 - 11:50 PM Permalink

tsk tsk Rahnem, you come down for the IGDC but not the ADGC :P
Kuldaen: you could probably just get a pen and write it underneath your name on the pass :P

Submitted by Jacana on Tue, 19/10/04 - 3:37 AM Permalink

Don't forget there are the Sumea t-shirts :)

As for badges - what we did last year was just met up for dinner the night before the conference. We had a meeting point near the check-in for AGDC. That made it nice as by opening day we all knew each other.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Wed, 20/10/04 - 8:21 AM Permalink

well count me in as i just got my conformation email, my pass is reserved and im definetly going :D

Submitted by Cam on Thu, 18/11/04 - 9:59 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Jacana
what we did last year was just met up for dinner the night before the conference.

that was pretty good yeh =) cept for the time it took to get the meal.. damn blue train!

Submitted by UniqueSnowFlake on Thu, 18/11/04 - 8:11 PM Permalink

Will the Sumea meet up going to be just around the Melbourne area or at the AGDC? Because I won't be attending the AGDC but would like to meet up with everyone.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Thu, 18/11/04 - 9:09 PM Permalink

well if its going to be one of those night before hand deals presumably just around melbourne somewhere

Submitted by Blitz on Fri, 19/11/04 - 1:05 AM Permalink

Just a reminder, if you're not going to the AGDC because of cost/quality concerns, remember an expo pass is only $15 which can get you in to the expo bit to look at the unsigned games, and meet up with people.
It would be good to have an external meetup as well though.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by LiveWire on Fri, 19/11/04 - 7:44 AM Permalink

a meet up would be cool, juyst make it somewhere easy to find

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 19/11/04 - 10:26 AM Permalink

yeah, but unless your meeting people the expo is entertaining for all of 12 minutes :(

what about that place we met up for IGDC? seems as good as anywhere (food court on soutbank)

Submitted by LiveWire on Fri, 19/11/04 - 11:40 AM Permalink

will have to organise getting contact numbers before it start too. ie: 30th at the latest so everyone can get them before the leave if they're flying (like me :) )

Submitted by Jacana on Fri, 19/11/04 - 7:16 PM Permalink

I'll get on to it this weekend :) Bit busy atm with the game launch at school tonight! We will be having one (or three)!

Submitted by LiveWire on Sat, 20/11/04 - 1:20 AM Permalink

i was just checking out your site now, didnt realise you were one of the team.

when are you releasing the game?

Submitted by Jacana on Mon, 22/11/04 - 7:12 PM Permalink


AGDC runs the 2nd to the 4th - looks like we don't pick up our bags until the 2nd.

I think doing a dinner on the night of the 1st is good (food court at south bank was a good place). Also, what about doing an early lunch on the 2nd. Conference starts at noon so if everyone was able to meet up at the conference center at around 10:45 we could walk over to Crown for food.

Who is in - and when?

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 22/11/04 - 9:18 PM Permalink

im up for both really, but isnt a dinner the night beforehand (ie before the 1st) good because you can meet everyone and have people to talk with etc when the confrence starts the following day?

Submitted by rezn0r on Mon, 22/11/04 - 10:13 PM Permalink

I'm so thrifty that I don't fly in til ~11:00am on the 2nd. [:(]


Submitted by LiveWire on Mon, 22/11/04 - 11:58 PM Permalink

the 1st is the day before. the conference starts on the 2nd.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Tue, 23/11/04 - 12:21 AM Permalink

ooooh i thought it meant the 1st day of the confrence

Submitted by davidcoen on Tue, 23/11/04 - 5:08 AM Permalink

i would be around for dinner/ catch up on the 1st dec (wednesday) (though now i have a job, my 'leg humping' may be a bit diminished)

Submitted by UniqueSnowFlake on Tue, 23/11/04 - 8:07 PM Permalink

If the food court on the 1st is set in stone can we start seeing some times and a map of where it is would be nice.

Melbourne Noobie here [V]

Submitted by James A Burke on Wed, 24/11/04 - 4:18 AM Permalink

Well, the prototype I'm working on ('The Death Of Freedom') is going to be there at the expo (for best unsigned indie) :).

Submitted by Jacana on Thu, 25/11/04 - 6:28 PM Permalink

Here is a map:

This one was done for Freeplay so the place listed for the conference is not where AGDC is.

AGDC is being held off the left side of the map. Easiest way to get there may be going to the conference center, going across the river and following crown along the river. Southbank is across the street from Crown Casino.

If anyone wants I can meet them at AGDC building at 6:30 pm and then we can meet up for food at Southbank at 7:00pm.

FYI - my mobile number is 0413 657 583