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For those who went to Next Wave IGDC 2004.

Posted by Cameron on Wed, 16/06/04 - 9:24 PM

There isn't any easy way to do this so I'm just going to come right out and say it.

Adam Neykoff-Davies, the delightfull fellow who held the faux cave demo at Free Play, was killed in a car crash last saturday night.

You can read about the details here if you so desire:,5936,9845616%…

I'm in the process of putting up a website where people who knew the victims can leave messages or share stories about them and upload pictures to share. I'll post the URL for that site once It's online.

Funeral services with be held over the next few days, if anyone wishes to attend, contact me by email and I'll foward on the details:

I apologise if you were close to any of the victims and this is the first you've head, we tried out best to notify as many people as we could personally.

May they rest in peace.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 17/06/04 - 3:24 AM Permalink

I hope you don't mind me posting about this on the front page. It's terribly sad news, and I think everyone here shares the shock and the heartfelt sorrow of someone taken away so abruptley. And just to repeat my news post, I'm sure everyone here is extremely saddened by the terrible news, and we all send our deepest condolences to Adam's family and friends..

Submitted by MoonUnit on Thu, 17/06/04 - 6:57 AM Permalink

Im afriad i didnt attend that talk but my heartfelt empathy goes out to friends and family of the victims.

Submitted by Cameron on Fri, 18/06/04 - 12:58 AM Permalink

Souri, No, I don't mind at all. Thankyou.

The Digital Designers Society website has created several public forums and image galleries for people to leave messages, share stories and upload photos for Adam, Gerard and Helena. Details of which are on the front page:

Details about Adams funeral service is still forthcomming. If you've email me about this then I will forward them onto you as soon as I can.

Submitted by Makk on Fri, 18/06/04 - 7:55 AM Permalink

I too never attended the talk, but I would like to send my condolences to the family and friends, of the young people who lost their lives.

Submitted by Peter on Mon, 21/06/04 - 8:19 AM Permalink

I did get a chance to see the faux cave demo at Free Play. I was very impressed with this work. He was very talented and definitely an inspiration. I was honored to briefly meet Adam and get his business card after the demo.

Even though I didn't know him personally. I do feel saddened by this terrible tragedy. I send my condolences to his family and friends.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 28/02/10 - 11:16 PM Permalink

I only found out about Adam's passing on Friday... This Friday- Feb 26, 2010... just before the launch of The Edge at SLQ- Adam was a pioneer in and (as far as I know)- he was the guy who thought up and created the first video to ascii effect plugin... I thought of him, watching all those crazy visuals that night and knew he'd have loved something like this in Brisbane...

I have good memories of Adam and his brilliant imagination and "out-there" creativity. I'll remember him selling glow-sticks in the valley, dressed as a robot saying random things like "Please donate to support robots without arms"... and doing visuals for my gig at Ric's with a dodgy slide projector... the insane warehouse he lived in above the mechanic's workshop with infinite electro-wonderment, complete with keyless entry for his front door... creativity and enthusiasm overflowing in everything he did.

I just found a photo online of him from a story he told me about strapping a laptop screen to his chest dressed as a robot (again with the robots!) with a webcam on his back... creating the "see through" panel...

Dammit Adam- you're a genius and an inspiration- and you've scared me into making the most of my time!!