U-235 Studios Shut Down?

Any more info, press release, updates on this? [:(]

From Leigh's posting in the jobs section...

I have just completed work with console/PC developer U-235 Studios who has shutdown due to a lack of funding.


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quote:Originally posted by Souri

Any more info, press release, updates on this? [:(]

Yep, we're finished. After 15months of solid (insane amount of late nights!) work and appearances at international games conferences (GDC in LA and GameConnect in France), we got no interest from anyone.

It's a real shame. I felt the studio had a lot of potential.

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maybe if you went to san francisco or san jose where GDC was, instead of LA you might have got more interest :)

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Man, that's a damn shame.

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Always sad to see an aussie game dev shut down :(

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Damn,, so sorry to hear that [:(]