I've been offline


If you have sent a news or job submission recently, I haven't been able to update the site since Friday. Since Friday, I've had to help out and attend a wedding as best man, had my car crashed into, and got the flu which left me bed ridden for the last 2 days. I can't access my email account at the moment as I can't remember my password, and I'm at an internet cafe since my brothers internet account (which I was sharing) has stopped working for some reason - which is why there have been no news up on the site recently..

Will be trying to get back online and updating things as soon as possible.

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I haven't been on sumea for quite some time, it has been a very hectic fornight at school. But why the hell does everything look so big. It reminds me of world 4 from Mario Bros. 3

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someone needs a holiday!

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hey souri, hope life is treating you a bit better by now, try to get some rest (seem to work the best at getting rid of colds) and best wishes on continued survival

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Yeh, I'm feeling much better now. I can't believe I dragged myself out of bed to take the car in to the garage (and popped into an internet cafe as well). I was shivering and my bones were aching still [:)]

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damn that sounds like a hard week, and i thought mine was bad :P

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I sitll have no internet access [:(]. Stupid router doesn't work!! *kicks router*

Things may be a bit quiet until Thursday next week when my cable access is installed.

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Yay, this makes me feel a lil less guilty about being here for weeks now. Still feel horribly behind though. The most art I've been doing is doodles on the weekly paper at work. Permanent part time's a bitch to your existing schedule.