Transformers rocks!

Hey Sumeans,

Just wanted to let you know that Transformers is a lot of fun to play, Atari Melbourne House have done a bang up job. Best of all is the 'extras' where you can view old TV ads done for kids with helpful themes such as 'always wear a life jacket' and 'don't run away from home', funny stuff.

I won't go into details about the gameplay but it's a tough cookie to play and the bosses rock in that old school adrenaline pumping way.


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I haven't seen it yet, but they did have Transformers on a PS2 at a local Electronic Boutique.. didn't see any of the game as we walked by, but I did see a poster advertising Transformers for $50. Not bad! Would've definately picked it up if I had a PS2 [:)]

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What!!??!! no ps2 for souri! blasphemer!!!! [:p]

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I got to see it at federation square on a cinema screen, for a series of talks about the games industry last year. it looked pretty impressive, almost makes me wish I had a ps2.

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Got to have a quick tonk of it at EB Toombul today. Pretty spiff from the minute or two I had the controller. Will definitely investigate it further.

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Rented it this weekend.

Melbourne House are definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to squeezing power out of the PS2 - definitely up there with Kojima's team at KCEJ West and the Polophony Digital folks.

Transformers is a gorgeous game and it runs smoothly. The only problem is that I didn't find it terribly exciting to play - perhaps its just a bit of a hangover from my jaded reviewer period, because a friend of mine loves it to bits. I didn't like the fact that they put the Antarctic level so early. The old television spots from the original series were hilarious too :)