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KookieMunster:Tsumea Challenge #10 - Candy Apple

Her parents were candy makers. Falling on hard times the shop was going into bankruptcy. Not being able to pay the bills they turned a mob loan shark. When the mobs payments demands are not met they take the child as payment.
They take here back to their front, a circus were she grows up.
There she learns Acrobatics contortion, lock picking, sleight of hand.
She ends up finding out about her background and after killing the
ringleader she leaves the circus. She goes back to the candy store to
find her parents but finds the place abandoned, later finding out that
her parents had been murdered by the mob. She decides to make the candy
store her home. From here she goes round robbing banks and getting
revenge on the mob by any means she can.

Not sure on her calling card as yet ill see were I go with my concept work.

People I keep forgetting to hit the the little groups button to make it public post.
Here are a few concepts.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Mon, 25/08/08 - 11:07 AM Permalink

Okay peeps... after a weekend with my tablet i have finalized the concept for my character. Its the first one. She will hold a whip that will have a candystripe handle in the same colors as the outfit. The final concept is a mix of a few of the earlier ones.

She still may have a belt with a gun holster and I might put a knife on her thigh. Also possibly some tassles hanging off the bottom of her jacket. She needs a pouch for her candy as well.

So now I can start modeling.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Mon, 29/09/08 - 12:33 PM Permalink

Hey all. Just finished up 2 projects, so I have been doing some pretty serious crunch time, to get the project out.

Anyway, I have gotten a fair way into my modelling ill post up some updates soon.

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Fri, 10/10/08 - 11:58 AM Permalink

Okay people.... here is were I am at with my modelling.
I still have the hair and ears to model and I'm not to happy with the hands.
After that Ill be moving into mudbox to get all the creases in the fablic and all the lacy type of patterns.

Crits welcome

I will have more updates as they come.

Submitted by _CAD_ on Tue, 14/10/08 - 12:47 AM Permalink


oh and one more thing i have to say, im really impressed (as weird as ths may sound) with her backside, i personally have had real trouble in previous female character models getting that area to look rite, kudos my friend

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Thu, 13/11/08 - 12:30 PM Permalink

Okay haven't had much time to do much work on this. I have made a few hairstyles I think I like this one the best. Also added some belts. At the moment the model is sitting at just over 7500 tri's. still have to model some tassels, the the gun, gun holster, whip, and knives. I have started sculpting some detail in the boots. Will have updates on sculpts as soon as they come.
Okay not sure why images arent showing up but you can check them out here.....…

Submitted by _CAD_ on Sat, 15/11/08 - 1:36 AM Permalink

looking great kookiemunster, i cant wait to see the textures on her...more :D

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Tue, 09/12/08 - 2:10 PM Permalink

Okay that is all the modeling finalized. I am half way through my mudbox sculpts. I will post them up later.
I changed the model a fair bit due to the fact that she wasn't looking like a villain. Also she was meant to look more agile. More like an acrobat. I decided to go with modified antique guns over knives. Also to the jacket off her, put gloves on her, and lowered the boots to the knee. I also changed the bodice.Oh yeah and b4 anyone says it..... the lower part of her legs on her calf's look a bit out and funny, I'll fix this up later.

Final poly count 8749 triangles so I might have some room for some bullets on the belt or a knife in the shoe.
I also have to puts some lollipops in the bullet holders on one side of the belt. But yeah final touches, finish them tonight.

Let me know what you think.

If the image isn't coming up go to this link to my blog.

Submitted by _CAD_ on Tue, 09/12/08 - 3:05 PM Permalink

Excellent work Kookie, she has a lot of character to her im really interested in seeing what you do with the textures. Keep it up.

p.s. i wanna see those sculpts :D:D

Submitted by Kookiemunster on Tue, 16/12/08 - 8:10 PM Permalink

okay people got held back at work. Finished at 8pm oh well. Il try unwrap, texture and extract my normal maps till the end but still dont think ill finish. good lick to all but not dropping out.