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QANTM lecturer

Posted by souri on Wed, 19/03/03 - 3:35 AM

quote:Just got a casual gig tutoring at QANTM.
If anyone on Sumea is currently studying there drop us a line.
Looking forward to getting to know the new batch of students.

Also congratulations to Hydro for the position in production, you rock buddy.

Malus! How did you get that job?!! What stuff will you be teaching? [:)]

Submitted by Mdobele on Mon, 17/11/03 - 7:31 AM Permalink

[quote]You know fuck all about me or my situation, be it now or 12 months ago, and yet you stand up for Qantm and blame me for something you know obviously nothing about.

I actually know quite alot about you and your situation, when you open your mouth as much as you all you do is create a reputation about yourself.

[quote]I'm guessing you are in some cozy situation like having your parents pay for the course for you in which case it wouldn't surprise me that you have no concept of value regarding it. For someone like me who set aside plans and worked their arse off to save up the cash to move to Brisbane and do the course, it's not enough to simply get a few minor benefits out of it.

No i actually pay'd cash upfront from my own earnings. That took a few years in a shitty job but I have wanted to do this course for a while now. I dont have the luxury of having parents who could pay for me.

Fact- The course cost $6000

Its actually a bit more this year :-)

Fact- The C++ component- which is really the core of the entire course- was tought with the same lesson structure and example code of "SAMs Teach Yourself C++ In (however many hours/days)". Students were encouraged to read the corresponding chapter in the book if they were having trouble following the lessons.

All i can say is what I did and for this past year we only were tought about 4 weeks worth at the start which cooincided with the book. Thats fine with me as it was the basics of programming. Why change a begginer guide when one has already proved succesfull.

In response to your reply about a QANTM diploma / Degree being as worthwile as tioliet paper to the industry can you explain to me while Krome currently has a large base of Ex-Qantm students currently working for them at this moment.
Can you also tell me why at a local BirthDay party for a Krome producer did I talk to him and asked what he thought about Qantm and its students did he say
"We have some great Ex-Qantm students working for us right now. Sure we have had some bad ones too but you get that no matter where they come from"

If they paid for the course themself, ask if it was worth the investment. What did Qantm offer that they couldn't have achieved by themselves?

I paid and I am happy. Hell my costs this year where more then you and I am still happy. If i fail to gain a job this year it wont be because QANTM failed/screwed me.

Submitted by Sorceror Bob (not verified) on Mon, 17/11/03 - 8:11 AM Permalink

FUD is a term that is used to describe the "Fear, uncertainty, doubt" that primarily marketing people use to try and stop a customer from buying a product. [url="*"][/url] provides a defintion. If you had bothered to look it up you would see that it is an accurate description of what you have been trying to do to QANTM.

As for naming one thing that isn't true -

1. The current lecturers are coordinated and we often discuss strategies for the course as a group.
2. The current course content has very little to do with the book you mentioned.

The topic that you replied to was specifically in relation to the technofest that we held this year and thus ourselves. Your implications were not only false, but statements to which you know that you have no idea about. You were purposely trying to spread FUD.

Let's look at some relevant facts.

The lecturers you mention no longer work at QANTM with the exception of Dale whom you mentioned was well organised. Myself and two other people teach the course now and I believe we are well organised and coordinated. Don't believe me? Ask the current students. Ask Dale. Just ask someone currently there instead of relying on your memory from a couple of years ago.

The course content is very different from when you were in the course. The relevancy to the industry is always open to debate as that is a subjective topic. However, all through the year we visited a lot of industry in Brisbane specifically to make sure the course was relevant. Don't believe me? Ask the current students and ask industry if we go and visit them.

As for statistics, I don't have that one on hand but I am going to look it up. However, your implication is great FUD. Your trying to imply that it is indicitive of QANTM's ability to educate that industry was not hiring during the period 2001 and 2002? The period when the IT sector experienced the largest downturn in jobs in it's history? When the Brisbane games companies contracted in size? Evolution went out of business? Try these statistics on for size. Over 25% of staff at Krome are QANTM graduates, I wonder where they came from. Before Evolution closed up early this year, they had approximately 20% QANTM graduates, I wonder where they came from. The first QANTM graduates have been hired by Auran which is a big step for us, the ones that got 3rd prize in Next Year's Game competition. We really hurt their chances there didn't we. Pandemic have hired QANTM graduates this year. I got a question for you. How many QANTM graduates started their own companies? Do they count in your statistics? I bet not.

When you say things like "Better than speaking to current students is to speak to past students", it shows that you are stuck in time, specifically the past, when you may or may not have had a relevant complaint. I wasn't there so I can't say for certain. What I do know is that since I took over the Course Coordinator role nearly 12 months ago, I have worked hard, as have the team, to make this the best course we can. You have no idea, and have not bothered to find out, what we have done to try and improve the course. I am proud of what we have done. We are not perfect, nor have we made no mistakes, but I always look forward to doing a better job next year. If you want to keep talking about the past and past students, go right ahead. I'll keep talking about the future and what the current and future students can achieve. All you do is give me a platform for spreading the word about what we are trying to achieve.

As you live outside of brisbane, I can be contacted by phone or email if you really want to resolve any problems. So far however, your intent is seems pretty clear and that is to hurt QANTM through FUD.

You sure you don't want a career in marketing, or politics?

Submitted by Dale on Mon, 17/11/03 - 10:46 AM Permalink

Hi all,

I'm the Coordinator for the QANTM Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment Programming Major.

I also teach the programming element of the Griffith University Bachelor of Multimedia Interactive Entertainment Major.

Just wanted to pipe in and add support to what Darren (Some Dude) is saying. Apparently Ferret thought I was a decent teacher. Well, if you thought I was organised Ferret, you should see what Darren has done with the course.

I'd recommend everyone going along to see what this years DIP IT graduates have produced. I haven't seen any of it yet, but I'm hearing some amazing things!

- Dale

Submitted by Gazunta on Tue, 18/11/03 - 12:27 AM Permalink

Are the games from this year's Industry Night available online anywhere? I'd be curious to check them out.

And to add my two cents to the 'Is QANTM worth it' debate - personally speaking, going to QANTM didn't get me my job at Krome. It didn't hurt. I think the concept of 'Enroll here and you'll be working in the industry next year' is complete bollocks. Both the students and QANTM (circa when I was there) are equally to blame for that one. I got my job at Krome because of the stuff I did before QANTM. (I only bring this up because of that "25% of Kromans went to QANTM" statistic - no offense guys, but I don't want that seen as a cause and effect in my case). By ITSELF, QANTM isn't going to get you a job in the industry. I'm not trying to spread FUD, it's just my take on things.

Submitted by J I Styles (not verified) on Tue, 18/11/03 - 2:18 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Gazunta
Are the games from this year's Industry Night available online anywhere? I'd be curious to check them out.

Not that I am aware of. The 3rd place winners of Next Year's Game competition were online for a while but they have taken that down since they started working at Auran. The end of year group will have their Industry night on the 5th of December and we welcome all employee's of the games industry for that night. Open day is the 6th of December for the general public.

quote:Originally posted by Gazunta
And to add my two cents to the 'Is QANTM worth it' debate - personally speaking, going to QANTM didn't get me my job at Krome. It didn't hurt. I think the concept of 'Enroll here and you'll be working in the industry next year' is complete bollocks. Both the students and QANTM (circa when I was there) are equally to blame for that one. I got my job at Krome because of the stuff I did before QANTM. (I only bring this up because of that "25% of Kromans went to QANTM" statistic - no offense guys, but I don't want that seen as a cause and effect in my case). By ITSELF, QANTM isn't going to get you a job in the industry. I'm not trying to spread FUD, it's just my take on things.

I concur that anybody stating that "Enroll in and you will be working in next year" is selling bollocks. This is why ferret's arguments are such straw men. To my knowledge we do not claim this to be so, nor should any institution. I would appreciate anyone pointing me to any current QANTM marketing or promotional material that says this as it is obviously incorrect. I can be contacted at .

I take it that you studied during the "bad" period at QANTM and I am glad that you feel it didn't hurt your ability to get a job at Krome. QANTM will never "get" anyone a job, we are not an employment agency. What we offer is education tailored specifically to help you obtain a job in the games industry. As for Industry Night, another of ferret's favourite topics, we help organise the students to present their work that we have helped them with to representatives of the games industry. I am at a loss to understand how someone could see this as something bad, but alas, ferret manages to somehow.

On another point, QANTM is now offering degrees (Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment). A degree is often required to enter an IT job and QANTM can provide that if you feel a diploma is not a sufficient qualification for entry. We have a number of people who have done IT degrees and then do the diploma. All of them have commented how much more they have learnt over this last 12 months than they did during their degree program. We also provide a mechanism for people to study the diploma and then articulate that diploma into the degree, thus shortening the length of time required to study the degree.

I want to elaborate on one more point. People should not underestimate how important your own efforts are whilst studying anywhere. Ferret seek's to diminish an individual's own efforts by accusing us of making excuses when we state that people get out of a course what they put in. We believe that an individual's efforts are the most important aspect of any study program, be that at QANTM or elsewhere. Where QANTM fits into the picture is that we can provide a student with a significantly reduced time scale for learning than if they just used google. I love google, it is an important tool. What google can't provide you is a focused and organised program, supplemented with personal supervision to help you when you get lost or require some explanation.

I appreciate your input and anyone else's, previous students or otherwise, who may wish to offer advice on how we can improve our course to provide students with a better education, and a better chance of gaining entry into the games industry. How about it ferret? Care to offer us any positive advice on how students can enjoy a positive experience at QANTM?

Submitted by Malus on Tue, 18/11/03 - 6:19 AM Permalink

Ferrel: We understand your views, some may even be sympathetic to it, I'm sorry for what you feel you've been through but I can't see how you can blame QANTM 100%, I was there when you where there and I'm working in the games industry so are alot of the 'coders' who also studied with you.

I got everything I could out of the course and it they fell short on something (which in ocassions they did)I tried to bring it up with someone in charge, if that failed then hell I'd learn it myself, QANTM did have some trouble for a period but I doubt you could say more people were hurt by them than got something out of it.

I think for the sake of your sanity you should let this one go, its been around a year and you must be sick of feeling so angry.

Enjoy your new job, hope its everything you wanted.

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Join GreenPeace! (I can smell the fresh air now...)

Submitted by timmah on Mon, 02/05/05 - 10:33 PM Permalink

Hi, just like to provide feedback about the QANTM Cert III course.

Our tutor previously had problems with QANTM clarifing the work she had marked as compotent (actually it took about 6 months to mark the work {at QANTM} in what she had had done in just a bit less than 1})

In addition, the QANTM support line is not as good either. Because i delayed the completion of my cert III course for a year or so, i have asked for a sheet explaining my results.... about 3 days ago, the customer support representative told me she would email it on that very day.

I still havent received the email now. Now, if i want to ring back again and ask for the same thing, i have to tell the whole story over again (ive done this at least 3 times so far). A suggestion for QANTM's support line is to have a customer reference number so I do not have to tell the support people what I have completed and not completed, who my tutor was, and when i can finish it, where.... the list goes on.

In conclusion, im not entirely happy with the feedback i got from QANTM. I must say though, my tutor was very prompt and punctual with the marking and feedback (she was also a teacher at my high school as well). QANTM took ages to mark it, which really hindered the time it would have taken me to finish the course. You would think that a whole organization could mark quicker than a teacher. And please take note of my suggestion to improve customer support and use customer reference numbers.

Submitted by Boroma on Tue, 03/05/05 - 8:47 PM Permalink

I'm studying the diploma of screen at Qantm at the moment and so far I've been happy with the quality. They always ask us for feedback on the course and if they know we're not happy with something they try to fix it.

Another thing which has been great is that if they can see that you are keen they will take the time out to teach you extra stuff and help you along as much as they can.

It's really up to the student to get what they want from Qantm - all they have to do make their opinions known.

As other people have said before Qantm is not perfect but the problems seem to be getting fewer and fewer and haven't hindered my learning at at all.

And another thing, other universities have just as many problems as Qantm (if not more). My other experiences with unis have made me feel that there are no "perfect" tertiary institutions - some are just better than others.

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A lot of graphic designers skip class because they know they can't get anything done on those old macs... got gods sake they at 500Mhz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And they are not going to change that any time soon.