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My first proper toon

Posted by Angel on Sun, 19/08/07 - 2:52 PM

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I just finished making my very first toon without any reference art and I'm proud :) So I thought I'd share.

I'm not exactly an artist and this thing took me like 5 hours because I don't have the most confident stroke.. and I still know there's a few flaws that I'd love to fix.. but I'll pay attention to those details on the next one I draw :) What'd you think?


Submitted by davidcoen on Mon, 20/08/07 - 3:39 PM Permalink

heheh, my what big eyes you have.

yery nice, (i'm probably not qualified to crit and comment), you look to be getting use to comunicating form with line thickness, and lot of strength of composition is from the pallet contrast.

i get a bit wierd in gender classification by jaw lines, (smoothness, width) though with a bit more baby fat profile gets a bit smoother anyrate. don't know if it a convention of the medium that for even thin characters i expect the facial profiles (the edges) to be quite simplified (or is that another figment of the beauty myth to remove detail, like newscast lighting to attemt to remove shadows...)

great work

Submitted by souri on Mon, 20/08/07 - 4:26 PM Permalink

She's got some interesting streaks in her hair Nice picture, you should use it in your avatar.

Submitted by Angel on Fri, 24/08/07 - 11:02 AM Permalink

Haha, thanks for the replies :) I don't know much about drawing techniques... was just kinda sketching. Thanks for the tips though, I'll remember them in my next drawing. I've a long way to go to master linework.

Souri - she was originally a brunette, but it seemed to cold. my hair is currently red with blonde streaks, so that's where the idea came from - and fortunately my hairdresser did a better job with my hair than I've done with the toons. Thanks for the comment :)

Submitted by souri on Fri, 24/08/07 - 12:48 PM Permalink

I got streaks, but I didn't get them from a hairdresser. My sister had some left over globs of whatever and used it on me. The less I say about the results, the better.

Did you use a graphics tablet for that picture?