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Flight of the Amazon Queen lives on with ScummVM!!

Posted by souri on Sat, 20/03/04 - 4:14 AM

I've got a few news posts on the main page that aren't pushed public yet (just letting the job posts have a few extra days run on the main page), but one of the new posts is about Steve's journal entry on Flight of the Amazon Queen!! If you don't know anything about the title, head on to my [url=""]interview with John Passfield[/url].

Basically, Flight of the Amazon Queen is one of those feats that you hardly read about often enough. It was a graphic point-and-click adventure title that holds up in quality produced by the larger and genre dominating studios of Lucasarts and Sierra, yet was developed by only 3 people. The team from Queensland was called Interactive Binary Illusions (although I'm sure they were called Gee Whiz Entertainment when they made FOTAQ? I remember reading a UK Games mag that mentioned it). Anyways, they're better known now as Krome Studios [:)].

The good news is that John Passfield and Steve Stamatiadis has decided to make the game freeware, and have helped out with the ScummVM people so that [url=""]FOAQ[/url] doesn't disappear forever into the abyss as OS's change and old games become incompatible, guaranteeing that it can be played on almost any computer! (ScummVM is open source)

Read about it on [url=""]Steve's livejournal here[/url]!

Submitted by J I Styles on Sat, 20/03/04 - 12:15 PM Permalink

cool stuff - I remember it well... or at least the fake breasts at the start, remember that well. And something about a sloth...

Submitted by rockmaster on Tue, 30/03/04 - 7:20 AM Permalink

A very nice game, indeed. But can anyone give me a hint not featured in most walkthroughs? I know from a walkthrough that I have to put two pieces of paper together in the end (rocket plan and comic page) to get a construction plan, but they won't do so, no matter what i try.

Submitted by souri on Tue, 30/03/04 - 2:08 PM Permalink

That's definately a question Steve or John should be able to answer. If you're lucky they might pop in and let you know. [;)]