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Canberra Games Festival - Sumea Meet

Posted by Jacana on Thu, 22/07/04 - 3:43 AM

Just wanted to find out if any of the locals planned to head out to the festival this weekend and if anyone would be interested in getting together for a lunch/dinner on either the Saturday or Sunday.

Submitted by Brain on Thu, 22/07/04 - 5:01 AM Permalink

*sigh* I fly back to Brisbane tomorrow. @:-(

Submitted by unknownuser1 on Thu, 22/07/04 - 7:27 AM Permalink

I'll be in for that Cheryl. Just let me know when and where. I'm easy :)

Submitted by souri on Thu, 22/07/04 - 9:30 PM Permalink

It would be a 3 hour drive for me... d[>.<]b
I think you had to register before hand? You might have to look that up.

Submitted by Jacana on Thu, 22/07/04 - 11:40 PM Permalink

No need to register afaik. It should just be a show up on their door stop.

Submitted by Doord on Fri, 23/07/04 - 2:01 AM Permalink

I will be there for a few hours, mainly to see how people take to tribes. It would be cool a see a few of you which I haven't seen for sense my AIE days.

Submitted by tbag on Fri, 23/07/04 - 2:31 AM Permalink

I might head out with a few friends, should i make a sign saying 'Sumeans here' and hold it up? [:p]

I just want to see how crazy some of the gamers are here in Canberra.

Submitted by tbag on Sat, 24/07/04 - 4:03 AM Permalink

Looks like i killed this thread and several others [:p].

I guess i'll just go and hide in the corner... [;)]

Submitted by souri on Sun, 25/07/04 - 4:12 PM Permalink

Let us know how the festival is going [:)]

Submitted by tbag on Sun, 25/07/04 - 7:24 PM Permalink

I didnt manage to go, it was raining and miserable outside so i stayed home eating soup [:)]. Did anyone manage to get out there?

Submitted by unknownuser1 on Sun, 25/07/04 - 7:45 PM Permalink

Yeah. I headed out there. Met up with Joel and Cheryl. Also met Dan (Schlumppy) out there. It was better than what I thought t would have been. There weren't too many stands out there, but there were a few good ones (the mo-cap room :D). The LAN party was blinding (how many lights do you possibly need on a case?). It seemed well publicised. There was 104.7FM out there having comps on GT4, and Ten/Capital had ballons in the showbags. If they keep it going and add in more stalls, then it can only get better :)

It was worth going just to see the principal of the AIE (Ian), play on Eye Toy :D

Submitted by souri on Tue, 27/07/04 - 7:33 AM Permalink

I read that a four player Xbox version of Citizen Zero was available for play there. Anyone get a chance to have a look at that?

Submitted by whitetip on Wed, 01/09/04 - 8:18 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Souri
I read that a four player Xbox version of Citizen Zero was available for play there. Anyone get a chance to have a look at that?

Yep I had a look, not a play. Kind of Blade Runner meets Zelda? Well thats not the best description but it looked alright. Co-op training missions were on show I think. Nice weapons and stuff.