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Tantalus AGDC 2002 Press Release

Posted by souri on Thu, 26/12/02 - 11:33 AM

Media Release: AGDC 6 December 2002
For Immediate Release:

Tantalus Announces Game Boy Advance Line-Up

Melbourne based video game developer Tantalus Interactive today announced an exciting line-up of four new titles for Nintendo?s Game Boy Advance (GBA). Established in 1994, Tantalus has released over fifteen games, and is regarded as one of Australia?s leading developers.

Tantalus CEO Tom Crago said today, ?we?re delighted to be able to confirm that early next year with our publishers Kemco we will be releasing Top Gear Rally on Game Boy Advance. The ?Top Gear? brand is well revered and it?s a great coup that we?ve landed this deal. Our aim is to make it the best game in its genre on the GBA? Last month Tantalus released another GBA title with Japan based Kemco. Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5, utilizing another high profile license, has sold strongly in both Europe and Japan. The game is released in America in the New Year and is notable for its massive scope and gameplay variety.

Along with Top Gear Rally, Tantalus also plans to ship The Flintstones: Dino to the Rescue some time early in 2003. A groundbreaking platformer, Dino will be published in partnership with German company Swing. Add to the list the 2002 GBA release of ATV Quad Power Racing, and it?s easy to see why Crago claims that Tantalus is one of Australia?s most prolific development studios.

?I really believe that our GBA technology is among the best in the world. Our CRIS 3D engine provides lifelike environments and an incredible feature set. What we?re seeing is PlayStation quality on a handheld. I don?t think anyone could have predicted this when the GBA was first launched, and to see such world class technology developed here in Australia is obviously fantastic stuff.?

Crago was particularly enthusiastic about two original Tantalus GBA games, slated for release late in 2003. Anaka and Trick-Star are titles wholly conceived and developed by Tantalus. ?Every developer wants to create their own intellectual property,? said Crago, ?and with these titles we hope to launch two major brands on a gaming audience we feel is ready and willing to embrace this kind of new content. We want to establish a name for ourselves as a developer of original titles of the highest quality.?

Tantalus has also recently completed Men in Black 2: Alien Escape on Game Cube, and is in development on Tread Marks on PlayStation2.

Contact Information:

Tantalus Interactive
Tom Crago
Ph: +61 9 9674 5979