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Organising IGDA chapter in Brisbane

Posted by alia on Fri, 28/05/04 - 6:39 PM

Hi all!
Im not sure this is a good place to post this? (prehaps you coul dmove it to someware more appropriate) or even delete it if you want... anyway I thought some of you might be interested in this (if you havent recieved it already). Thought it might be a good opportunity.


------- ATTACHED MESSAGE: (From Jason Della Rocca)


Sorry for the BCC'd email, but just wanted to quickly ping everyone in our database from Brisbane.

During my recent trip to E3, I had the fortune of meeting with Brett Fraser, a biz dev manager at the Office of Economic Development for Brisbane. He clued me in on the work they are doing to support the game industry, and on initiatives like the game "cluster". All cool stuff!

Yet, despite the great work being done, no one is directly meeting the needs of the actual individual developers in Brisbane: the artists, programmers, designers, producers, etc, etc.

I discussed the need for an IGDA chapter in Brisbane and how it would provide a hub for all developers to connect, share ideas, and build a vibrant local developer community. Local chapters also become part of the IGDA's global network, providing greater awareness for each local dev community (and a greater sense of "belonging"). This is not to compete with the important work of the Cluster or the OED, but to complement their corporate/business level efforts.

IGDA chapters are loosely formed volunteer initiatives driven by developers for other developers. There is no cost involved, and membership is not required. The IGDA provides the basic guidelines and tools, but it is the local developers who determine what is best for their local community.

We have about 80 chapters worldwide:

And, we're in the process of getting chapters set up in Melbourne and Canberra. To get the ball rolling in Brisbane, we need to find a couple of developers willing to volunteer some time to coordinate the chapter.

If you are interested, please let me know. Also, might be a good idea to skim our chapter reference manual to get a better sense of what's involved:


Jason Della Rocca
Program Director
International Game Developers Association

t: 514-426-1162
f: 514-426-1201
Montreal, Canada

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Submitted by redwyre on Wed, 02/06/04 - 1:28 AM Permalink

Yeah, I got this too. It would be pretty cool to set up a chapter in Brisbane. Does no replies mean that no-one is interested?

Submitted by Jacana on Wed, 02/06/04 - 3:19 AM Permalink

I think by no replies it means that no one is interested enough to actually run one (set up on).

There is quite a bit of work involved and IGDA wants you to try and get at least one person from each company on the board when you start up. Then there is meeting places, organising talks, etc.

Submitted by bradb on Wed, 02/06/04 - 5:44 AM Permalink

I looked at the documents, I was partially keen to set it up.

However I just don't have the time to spend on this right now with other commitments and deadlines.

Submitted by Anti Gremlin on Wed, 02/06/04 - 9:37 AM Permalink

yeah setting up the IDGA isn't that hard, its mainly interest.. and being a lack of gaming companies in diff states does make things slightly harder.

what my be better is to start a mailing list, and people interested can sign up to the mailing list. and the "leaders" can post up info, and based on how many people seem keen enough, then you can arrange meetings and such a lot easier...

only a suggestion though.

Submitted by TheBigJ on Wed, 02/06/04 - 6:54 PM Permalink

Yeah, I got this one as well. My main concern is time. I would certainly be interested but I'm too busy these days..

Submitted by Anti Gremlin on Mon, 14/06/04 - 3:49 AM Permalink

Yeah a lot of people are busy these days, thats why you need atleast a couple of people that have the time to simply get something done, and force others to come along as well..

Submitted by alia on Tue, 15/06/04 - 10:16 PM Permalink

by the sounds he got quite a few replies from the email anyway :)

Submitted by Brain on Thu, 01/07/04 - 1:56 AM Permalink

Guh... has to happen when I just get to Canberra. The world hates me, seriously. @:-P