AGDC Student Panel

The student panel is now official:

Bridging the Gap

?Bridging the Gap? is a discussion panel designed to bring together future students, current students, and industry.

Through a panel of students and an industry moderator, "Bridging the Gap" provides a platform for current students to examine and discuss a variety of issues facing them, and also allows for feedback and insight from the industry.

Discussion topics include what actions students can take to prepare themselves for the future, building communication, resources for students, and what students can provide for the industry.

Panel Moderator:
Ross Symons, CEO, Bullant Studios

Student Panellists:
Chen-po Sun, University of Melbourne (Bachelors of Software Engineering),
Matthew Riggall, University of Melbourne (Masters of Applied Commerce),
Adam Matera, Qantm (Diploma of Screen ? Animation)
Cheryl Kiraly, Academy of Interactive Entertainment (Diploma of Game Development - Programming) and Panel Coordinator

Next month some of us are getting together to finalise the topics we are going to discuss. In the time frame we have I see getting through about five topics.

I would love to get feedback from others about topics they feel would be worth discussing at the panel.

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hehehheh, how about a student auction as well

'fresh meat, freash meat'

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I'm surprised no one has jumped in here with tonnes of suggestions yet. There's plenty of issues that can be raised, but I think the most important one (which was recently raised in that AIE Melbourne thread) is where to go, once the course is over. What are your options, and what to do if you can't find work.

It's interesting that everyone on the panel is from a different institution. You could probably talk about what kind of things you learn in your curriculum, and the best things you've gotten out of your courses.. although because you're all from different fields, I'm not sure how much of a discussion you can get going.

I'm glad Ross Symons is moderating, because I'm sure he can contribute lots on what developers look for, what they expect of graduates, and other important industry information.

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Thanks Souri :) That thread has brought up some good points as well - many ideas for topics to discuss.

I am glad to have Ross moderating as well. Next week I am down in Vic for a visit and will be having lunch with Ross, Matthew, and Chen-po. I thought this would be a great time to discuss some ideas, work out topics (or at least a short list), and makes sure we are not walking into the panel as strangers.

One of the topics that I thought worth discussing in a bit of depth is communication. Either in a student to student or student to industry. There are quite a few good places, such as Sumea, to go to for starters. Mentor programs at the schools between current and future students, and just how to break the barrier when approaching companies/indivudials from the industry.