I'm going to the Ind. Game Dev conference thread

Yes, it's on in late May at Melbourne (only two months away!) and I want to know if you are going! So, hands up, who's planning on going? How are you getting there? How many people are coming with you? Where are you planning to stay?

Someone mentioned somewhere about a Sumea dinner thing happening, which should be cool if it's organised! Would you go?

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definately, i'm in, i'm gettin there by tram, i'll be goin with maybe one friend or something, cos not to many of my friends are into that stuff.

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im very much trying my hardest to go...but i need to save up lots of money by then...

i should be able to do it, so i'll see yall there! [:D]

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yep i'm gonna go, going by tram, most likely going by myself and going to stay at home

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Yes I'm going, public transport as usual. I'll likely be by myself so I think a dinner before hand would be great.

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Not going at all, it's during a Uni week, and I can't afford to miss Uni this semester.

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oh yeh...ill probably only be there for the last 2 days cos I can't miss Uni on the Friday...[V]

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id love to go - but alas my feet remain rooted in red queensland soil.. :(

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Im certainly going to the two weekend days, the friday is questionable. Id probably go to the dinner if it was organised but i cant confirm that untill i have details ofcourse :)

has a venue been mentioned yet? last time i checked one wasnt. anyway, where-ever, ill be taking public transport of some kind :P (bus train etc) and staying at my house!!! :D

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I'll be there on the weekend days. Catching the good old MET and staying at home :).
CYer, Blitz

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I'll almost definitely be going just to have an excuse for a couple of days off of work (pizza making) and uni :)

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Sad news for Sumea...

I have decided to no longer attend the Indie. Game Developers Conference this year, partly because I have no-one to go with, and partly because I'm buying me a new guitar!

I still want a shirt though, and will definately go next year...

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bollocks kane, you could meet up with the rest of the sumea crew and join the hijinks! (well... the only thing ive heard along those lines so far is that joel promised me hed come in a bunny suit but theres sure to be more!!! err EXTREME HIJINKS!! *guitar noise*)

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yeh...it would be good as to go...but just look at this guitar!


now, if you were obsessed with fire and guitars, would you choose this, or the Conference?

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if I had enough money I'd do both...bring my guitar along ang play yall some phat tunes...[:D]

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Nice axe [;)]. Beats my Fender Squier.

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thanks! [:D] *it shall be mine, oh yes...*

also, it will be a couple of months before I have enough money to buy the thing, so I still may end up going to the conference...

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wow sure beats my guitar (its a sammick)!!! but yeah im guesssing that thing carries quite a price tag.

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yes indeed...its $1,399...[xx(]