RMITs new courses

For those that don?t know RMIT are offering 3 new Games graphics courses. 1 is an Art course, another programming course and a third somewhere in the middle.

I?m just finishing my first year of Computer Science at RMIT and I have a problem.
I could continue and finish of my course (2 more years) with very little study in the field computer graphics or I could start again (I may get a few classes excluded) in the games graphics programming course.

Would the graphics course allow me to enter the industry faster (hence offsetting the extra time to complete)?

Would the graphics course make me more employable and increase my job prospects within this field (Game Development).

Here is the info.

(Current)Batchelor of Applied Science (Computer Science):

(Prospect) Bachelor of Design (Games Graphics Programming):


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Hey, my advice would b 2 talk 2 Gay Swinn (find her contact details on he RMIT website), she's coordianting the game design course. Many of the units are shared between comp.sci. and the new course - so you can probably just pick up what you want as electives - or maybe you can get advanced standing for what you've done so far. Good luck.

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i've just completed my third year of four for the (multimedia systems) at rmit and they're letting first years change over.. but if i were to change over all the subjects that i did in engineering and business would would have no effect as it's computer science/art and design..

hopefully their new courses will run alot better than ours which was computer science/art and design/engineering/business and we bascially didn't actually seem to be a part of any =)

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The new url for RMIT's three courses (Digital Art, Games Graphics Design, Games Graphics Programming) is:

More information about Games Graphics Programming is also available linked from;ID=0zqlynndl8mc1