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Game Design Tricks

Posted by souri on Mon, 11/11/19 - 1:09 PM

I'm going to collect and collate the data on game design tricks whenever I can find them. Initially, they'll come from the responses to Jennifer Scheurle's tweet, but there's plenty out there to include.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 13/11/19 - 6:45 PM Permalink

I've only followed a little of what happened there so I don't really have anything of value to say about all that. The actual responses to the tweet are what I'm more interested on, and there's some really valuable tips there, especially for an amateur like myself when it comes to game design.

Submitted by mgarcia on Mon, 02/12/19 - 12:29 PM Permalink

"some really valuable tips".. which tweets? I find it hard to read tweets, and I only saw two.. from OP
"Assassin's Creed and Doom value the last bit of health as more hit points than the rest of it to encourage a feeling of *JUST* surviving."
"In Hellblade, the game breaks diegetic UX to let players know of the potential permadeath that is a myth, but effects emotion and playstyle."

It's interesting trivia, to call them 'design mechanics' is a stretch (ie 2015-16... it was all about screen shake), IMO anyway