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Broadband and 3DS Max users : conference in WA

Posted by souri on Thu, 15/08/02 - 10:35 PM

POTENTIAL FILM/TV BROADBAND USERS, AND 3D ANIMATORS BOTH EVENTS at FTI ARE FREE- RSVP - FTI -9431 6700 92 Adelaide Street, Fremantle. 1) SEMINAR/ FORUM ON THE FILM INDUSTRY BROADBAND Initiative TO PROVIDE COST EFFECTIVE SERVICES TO THE INDUSTRY. WEDNESDAY 21ST AUGUST 6:30-8:30PM (DETAILS BELOW) 2) 3DSMAX 5 NEW FEATURES- ARTIST CONVERGENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UPDATE TUESDAY 27TH AUGUST, 6PM-8PM. (DETAILS BELOW) 1) SEMINAR/ FORUM ON THE FILM INDUSTRY BROADBAND Initiative TO PROVIDE COST EFFECTIVE SERVICES TO THE INDUSTRY. WEDNESDAY 21ST AUGUST 6:30-8:30PM Judi Tucker, Executive Director- FIBRE (Film Industry Broadband Resources Enterprise) is interested in meeting with the Post production, Graphics, Games Software development etc industries in a round table forum. She is interested in outlining the FIBRE business model and to determine the level of demand for aggregated access to broadband services from these sectors in WA. The FIBRE Network Project is supported by the Commonwealth Government through the Commonwealth Film Program of the Department of Communications, the Information Technology and the Arts. This program is assisted by the Department of Industry and Technology WA. FIBRE was formed in November 2000 by a number of key players in the post production industry, after the "First Past The Post" forums in Sydney and Melbourne confirmed the difficulties faced by the industry in obtaining cost-effective broadband connectivity to suit the difficult and often unpredictable needs of post production. The Government recognised that the Australian Film and Television industry has real value for this country, both in the production of local content and as a significant provider for overseas productions. Establishing a high bandwidth network linking North America, Europe and the Asian regions with Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne Adelaide and Perth will allow companies to work cooperatively and more efficiently on projects to optimise the use of computer processing and data storage facilities. The Minister for Communication, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston announced in September 2001 a $600,000 grant to FIBRE. The money, spread over two years is to assist FIBRE to work with production and post production houses and with telecommunications carriers to develop and implement a demand aggregation case for an industry broadband network. For more info about FIBRE COST:FREE RSVP- FTI 9431 6700 2) WEST AUSTRALIAN 3DSMAX ARTIST CONVERGENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UPDATE - SPONSORED BY CADD SYSTEMS AND FTI. TUESDAY 27TH AUGUST, 6PM-8PM. THIS EVENT IS FOR 3DSMAX COMMUNITY IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA - COMMERCIAL AND EDUCATIONAL USERS OF 3DSMAX AND 3DS MAX LECTURERS. Carl Frischmuth from CADD-SYSTEMS will be showing some of the new features of 3dsmax 5. Who's it for? - The real Agenda: * WA 3d animation industry news update * Special guest/3dsmax artist profile -who's capable of showing some recent/best work done in max, bring it along! * Open discussion on HDRI techniques (environment lighting)- has the line between synthetic and real been zapped its getting harder to tell the difference. * Hardware/software news - new plugins * FTI - news on course offerings * Announcements: diji glove animation services / laser scanning services in WA * Break -refreshments and a chat with fellow max artists * 3dsmax5 presentation * Door prizes - score some cool stuff! Topics covered: An overview of the new features in 3dsmax 5 Advanced lighting rendering engines in the box: light tracer and radiosity Materials - ink n paint and advanced lighting material. Mapping - uvw unwrap, Photoshop psd support for layers. Modelling -polygon modelling enhancements Lighting - new photometric lights, support for self-illum materials as well as HDRI techniques, lighting analysis for set design etc. IK features - using spline based IK, character node Animation controls - function curve editor and dope sheet New transform controls - scale and nu scale integrated etc. Physics - fully integrated hard and soft body dynamics as well as cloth and fluid simulation, wind and motors etc. Direct X9 support, in veiwport hardware shaders, transparency controls. New network licensing Backburner COST:FREE RSVP- FTI 9431 6700