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AEAF announces Star Wars for Day one!

Posted by souri on Fri, 27/09/02 - 10:51 PM

The Australian Effects & Animation Festival is proud to announce that a full day of the conference program will be dedicated to the digital creation of Stars Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Tuesday, December 3 has been earmarked as a special "Star Wars Day". This is an opportunity to gain an insider's view of the techniques behind the creation one of the biggest effects blockbuster's of the year. The Star Wars Day will be a forum for learning the processes behind George Lucas' effects masterpiece, and is exclusive to the AEAF. Headlining the program for the day is Rob Coleman, Animation Director at Lucas' production company Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). Already credited with an Oscar nomination for Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Coleman will be flying direct from his studios in San Francisco to lead a team of speakers who worked with him on Episode II. As Animation Director, Coleman played an integral role in the creation of the digital cast of the Star Wars saga. At 9am on December 3, Coleman will launch the day with a "Masterclass" focusing on the character and facial animation techniques used in Episode II, including the clone-manufacturing Kaminoans, the insect-like Geonosians and a fully CG Yoda. The all-day seminar will focus on the creation of the digital cast and provide an in-depth look at the complex technical and simulation systems that were developed at ILM to make the computer-generated characters realistic, both visually and physically. These same systems also made it possible to create digital doubles who could "stand in" for actors during dangerous scenes or scenes that were too difficult to shoot practically. The day will close with an interactive panel session led by Rob Coleman with his team of ILM speakers to discuss the challenges of digital film making for a project of this size, scale and vision. The AEAF will open on December 1 with an opening party and screening presentation from Sydney Silicon Graphics Centre. A Festival Pass costs $395.00 + gst and includes entry to all AEAF events. Single day passes are also available for $195.00 + gst and attendance at the AEAF Awards only will cost $70.00 + gst. Student prices are available. A full conference program can be viewed at