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2D Artist

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Job Position
Application Deadline

The Role:

Mode Games is seeking a part-time 2D Artist for the production of art for our amazing games. The artist we seek must be able to draw characters and environments to suit the technical requirements for the development of art assets within games. The artist will also ideally have experience with the development of art for UI, with layouts and direction (for UI) based on prototypes or wire-frame docs.

To apply the artist will share a current portfolio that demonstrates your best work including hand drawn character and environments and ideally UI for games. Ensure the majority of work you present has a focus on art produced for the development of games. The artist will work closely with our Senior Concept Artist who you will work with to gain experience and you will work with to help ensure you can meet Modes, especially high-quality production standards.

The part-time role will be initially offered as a contract if you can prove you have the skills and work well within our friendly team. Then this is a golden ticket and potentially your first opportunity to work in the games industry and with Mode. We have many new and future game projects throughout 2021 that we need your skills for.

The Artist doesn’t necessarily need to have industry experience and given that the role is part-time the candidate can work days suitable to their availability on a regular basis at our office but must be between 2-3 days per week. For this position we require that the candidate works on-site within our conveniently located Sydney studio very close to Town Hall station.


We are seeking candidates with:

  • Excellent Photoshop skills
  • Superb hand drawing skills for the development of characters and environments for new and existing IPs
  • Experience in the development of art for user interfaces (UI)
  • Demonstrate a range of various art styles they can produce
  • Experience with using Unity is a bonus!

Please provide examples of your work and links to your CV at Applications close on 22/12/2021