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VEGA Conflict - Arms Race starts 8am AEST 7/5/15

Kixeye Australia

Games Developer from Australia, Queensland, Victoria


Larus is back and he has a new request of you. Details below.

Good to see you again, Rebels.

You fought well against VSec and their Ragnarok carriers, but they really can't take a hint. I hear they're already preparing another deployment. Your strategy of "acquiring" VEGA technology has worked so far, but there's nothing like a home-cooked meal.

My goal is to create a rebel carrier even more powerful than the Ragnarok. I've made a lot of progress already, but I need more combat data to finalize the design. That's where you come in.

I think we understand each other. Good luck, Rebels.


Starts: 5/7 3:00pm PDT
Ends: 5/11 3:00pm PDT


Opens: 5/7 3:00pm PDT
Closes: 5/12 3:00pm PDT

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