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2D UI of 3rd Year Project - 'Typical School Days' (2016)

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User from Australia

'Typical School Days' is a action adventure PC game with a focus on school yard bullying, which was one of the many third year University projects I was apart of.
Within the project I was tasked with the challenge of creating an engaging user interface that would be highly visual and immersive while connecting to the theme of a child's perspective of school. As a group we voted that colourising all UI elements associated with the tormentors, should be purple to highlight their selfish and toxic natures, while showing that they are of a collective. In a similar fashion, all UI elements associated with the player character are displayed as torn pieces of note paper taped together with doodles and notes.

UI assets displayed, from top to bottom;

Combat Bar: Player's combat display broken down into individual elements; Poses to achieve(small), Successful Poses(large), Fail Arrows, Success Arrows, Neutral Arrows & Combat Bar base.

Interest Bar: Indicator for a bully or tormentor's interest in the player character.

Annoying Kid's Combat Speech: The kid who always takes your things.
Bully's Combat Speech: The kid who always picks on you.
Scary Crush's Combat Speech: The kid who is always confessing to you, not taking no for an answer.
Snobby Rich Kid's Combat Speech: The kid who is always sneering and looking down on you.

Confidence Bar: Displays the emotional state of the character through changing facial expressions, and takes inspiration from the 'Gold Star Sticker' reward system.

Notice/Attention Sprite: Quick notifier for the player that they have been spotted by a tormentor.

Please note that all characters(excluding silhouetted poses) and environments shown are credited to others involved within this project and were not created by myself, Maeskye.